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2 Feb Comment garder son poste en temps de vaches maigres?

Les rumeurs d’un prochain plan de restructuration vont bon train;

que faire pour eviter d’en faire partie?

Soyez pro-actifs!

Utilisez cette nouvelle année comme une excuse pour demander à votre patron et collegues, comment vous pourriez améliorer votre performance. Puis, essayez de suivre leur conseils et documentez vos efforts autant que possible.

Faites-vous remarquer!

Même si ce n’est pas dans votre nature, soyez toujours présent. Contactez vos clients, participez aux reunions (eh oui), proposez des projets et si possible, faites en sorte que ces projets vous rendent indispensable. Trouvez les moyens de vous faire apprécier.

Mettez à jour vos compétences!

Regardez autour de vous: quels sont les competences qui vous manquent pour accéder à votre but? Est-ce:

  • une langue?
  • un langage de programmation?
  • un certificat?
  • un stage?

Si votre employeur n’est plus en mesure de vous aider, peut-être y-a-t-il des associations qui peuvent vous aider. Sinon, il vous sera profitable (dans tous les cas de figure) de le financer vous-même.

Gerez et exploitez votre réseau!

Linkedin.com: rejoinez-moi!

Si vous ne l’avez pas encore fait, reprennez contact avec vos anciens collègues, copains, patrons et même professeurs. Attention ne soyez trop aggrésifs au début, prenez d’abord de leurs nouvelles; ils finiront bien par s’enquérir de votre situation.

Glanez toutes les informations possibles et tachez d’exploiter leurs réseaux. Pour cela, joigmez aussi LinkedIn, le meilleur reseau professionel sur internet.

Puisque nous parlons d’internet, soyez prudent. Si vous postez votre CV sur des sites tels que monster.com, optez pour l’option qui vous offre l’anonimat le plus complet.

Tout ceci, bien-sur doit faire partie de votre strategie de mise en valeur de votre image de marque.

Par Wahyd Vannoni, Directeur des Nouveaux Médias et Consultant.

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19 Jan The art of speech-writing

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria speaks to a panel of former presidential speech writers about President Obama’s upcoming first speech as President.

Fareed Zakaria
Fareed Zakaria


Our team will, as in similar past events, provide objective analysis of President Obama’s first speech.

For past commentaries go to our election speaker’s homepage.

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13 Jan Effective Presentations Certificate Program

Effective Presentations Certificate Program


Jan 29 – 30, 2009, 9:30 AM

The Effective Presentations Certificate Program is designed for business professionals who need to be comfortable and effective presenters. There will be many opportunities for individualized practice and coaching in this informative and interactive small group workshop.

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9 Dec Kuala Lumpar Journal – Part 6

Today, I made another note about how similar the world really is. I was working with a Muslim manager, a woman, fully covered. And as she began to open up, I realized that I could have been in any corporate organization back in the states. The culture and implementation of communication is different, but the problems and core solutions remain consistent as always.

Also, tonight, I’m being introduced to royalty. You gotta love this job! Oh, and I learned that Bill Clinton will be coming to the hotel and staying 2 floors above me. It’s no secret, the secret service stand out like a sour thumb and have been here all week.

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6 Dec Kuala Lumpur Journal – Part 5

Long day at work today, I met with 6 clients individually, doing coaching, training, video taping,

The Mandarin Hotel with the Petronas Towers on the background.
The Mandarin Hotel with the Petronas Towers on the background.
and advising. I’m tired. I had hoped to hit the pool, but it’s raining.

Last night I talked to my kids at home and explained to them about the make a wish box. They each wanted to give up one of their Christmas gifts so I can full fill wishes. We choose 4 kids from the make a wish box.

Basically, I’ll donate money to the Mandarin Hotel, who hosts this event, and the Mandarin Hotel will send a shopper to the mall to full fill the wish. During our busy day to day lives, trying to provide for our own families, and make a living, enjoy life, and such…

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3 Dec Kuala Lumpur Journal – Part 4

Today after work, I saw a “Make a wish” box in the lobby while waiting to attend a client dinner coaching session. It was a box with a few hundred wishes from local orphans. I picked one up, and read it. It was from a 6 year old girl. The age of my oldest Daughter. She wrote on her make a wish card. “I wish I could have a new t-shirt, and a pair of sock for Christmas” My eyes swelled up. And then my client walked in. I’ll check back tommorow, they will be there all week.

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30 Nov Kuala Lumpur Journal – Part 2

I’ve finally landed in KL. My bags made it through. I flew on Singapore Airlines, which is a great airline. Now that I’m on the ground, I’m over heated. I keep my Red Sox hat on in hopes of meeting up with some familiar faces along my journey. Now that I’m in town, I’ll start tagging friends and clients with my local phone number to let people know I’ve arrived. I have another 45 minute drive to the hotel, where I’ll decompress.

Singapore Airlines
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Kuala Lumpur Journal – Part 1

Ethan Becker is on his way to Malaysia to work with SuriaKLCC. He will be sending regular updates on his trip in a series we titled: “Kuala Lumpur Journal”.
Ethan Becker, Senior Coach/Trainer

Four flights, 1 entire season of 24 and 36 hours later, Ethan landed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Ethan is working with Executives to help them strengthen their managerial communicaiton skills. This is follow up work with the team that has shown incredible improvement over the years.

The weather is hot, and humid. Boston of course, is much colder. Back home it’s snow and shoveling while here it’s rain and warmth.

I find it amazing how similar people are around the world. When I travel, I meet and profile people along the way. I’ve met people from countries and cultures all over the world. It’s a real lesson to get to work with so many cultures and see how human beings are similar and different. (more…)

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