There is a difference between an acting coach and a speech coach.  Do you experience discomfort while speaking?  Are you effective? How do you know?  Ever wonder if people are just saying “That was great!”  when you felt it wasn’t?   Our formally trained speech coaches will give you honest and helpful direct feedback while teaching / coaching / training you  on skills you may be missing.  All in a confidential and supportive setting.  When you are effective, you should know and understand why.  When you aren’t you should also know and understand what to do about it for the next time.


As described to us by our clients, speaking in front of a camera and crew during a shoot is different than speaking at a live event in front of peers, press, or fans.  It’s not the same when you know they can’t edit your words in post.  When it’s live, it’s just you and your listeners.  While a director can help an actor deliver a character, a speech coach will help a person to articulate their own thoughts, in a clear, comfortable and authentic manner in a live setting.   It’s not acting when you are accepting an award, speaking in front of your peers, press, congress, or are fund raising on behalf of a cause.


Want help, but concerned about privacy?  As a small family run firm in business for over almost 60 years, our first and second generation coaches and staff have learned the importance and sensitivity of privacy.   You may come to our office in the historic and beautiful Massachusetts,  or one of our coaches can fly to you anywhere in the world.  Of course, these days, sessions may also happen via zoom and similar tech.

Like doctors, our coaches do not become star struck.  You will meet with a coach in private.  Your coach will assess your current skills and develop a plan for you.  From there you will begin learning and strengthening speaking techniques.  It is a highly customized experience.  Each of our coaches are formally educated at the graduate level or beyond, which allows for a far more personalized experience no matter who you are or how much fame you have amassed.   If nervousness is present, that will be addressed as well.

To learn more, contact us for a confidential and complimentary consultation.  We do not have a sales force,  so when you or your people reach out, you’ll be put in touch directly with a coach to discuss your concerns and approach that might work best.


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