As a British expat for over 25 years, Andrew is the only British national on The Speech Improvement Company team. Due to working in an international environment, he has an open-minded perspective on life. Andrew works mostly with non-native English speakers, which makes him very aware of the need for effective communication. And he knows how to help people obtain it.

As a teacher of English to speakers of other languages, Andrew has been helping people improve their spoken and written communication skills for twenty-five years. He is well aware of the need for effective communication between people in all aspects of life, especially when interacting with people in the international community who have business responsibilities.

Andrew has first-hand experience at recruiting, training, managing teams, facilitating meetings, giving presentations, preparing clients for media appearances, coaching employees, and strategic planning for performance reviews. He is especially adept at handling the delicate situations when his clients must relieve an employee of their job.

Andrew is known for his relaxed and friendly attitude, for his positivity and willingness to help others, and for the respect that he shows to clients and colleagues. Andrew is also recognized for his reliable, getting-it-done work ethic.

Andrew has worked at universities in South Korea and the United Arab Emirates, and he was one of the directors of an innovative education program sponsored by a Korean provincial government. Andrew has taught courses on effective communication skills to groups of adults in Korea. Working as a director of an education program, Andrew was responsible for an international faculty of approximately 150 full-time teachers and a departmental administration team of about twenty.

Andrew’s formal education includes a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics and TESOL from The University of Leicester. He also holds a Licentiate Diploma in TESOL from Trinity College London.



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YEARS working in the field of Language Skills Development


YEARS working in education management


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