The Speech Improvement Company is the first speech and communication firm established in the U.S. Since 1964, we have dedicated our careers to helping men and women in the art and science of good communication.

We are professional speech coaches. We help leaders and managers become comfortable, effective communicators. More specifically, we provide consulting, group training, public workshops, and individualized coaching. We specialize in identifying communication skills and areas of need and strategies for improvement. Then we coach and train people to develop clear communication skills, conversation skills, presentation skills, overcoming fear of speaking, interviewing skills and management skills. Topics of expertise are varied and include virtually every aspect of human communication.

For over 50 years, we’ve helped leaders, executives, managers, and individuals all over the world. We have focused in areas such as public speaking, mechanics of speech, speaking anxiety, sales communication, exceptional customer service, being persuasive with clear communication, and many more.

Not in the United States? No problem, we travel and use Skype, FaceTime, GoToMeeting, and WhatsApp.

Our team of speech coaches has trained thousands of men and women globally. Our clients range from large corporations to small companies, media personalities, celebrities, politicians, professional athletes, entrepreneurs and anyone else who has to talk as a part of what they do.

Each program is custom designed and implemented by our highly trained, formally educated, award winning, nationally and internationally recognized speech coaches. We service our clients throughout the world with cost-effective, informal, informative and interactive learning opportunities.

To date, we have written thirteen books on speaking and communication and provided our clients with audio, video and CD materials. Our books have been translated into five languages. Collectively we bring more than two hundred years of human communication experience to our clients, more than 90 percent of whom return for follow-up service. Our professional speech coaches improve speaking skills to help with clear communication, public speaking, speaking anxiety, and how to Speak with Confidence.

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We provide customized group training and individual coaching.  We train and coach leaders, managers, other trainers, professional speakers, engineers, sales professionals, customer service professionals, executives, board members, politicians, professional actors, doctors, lawyers, architects, and just about anyone who has to talk as a part of what they do.

We custom tailor our services to your specific needs.  With graduate level specialization in areas ranging from industry and organizational psychology to adult learning to speech communication, our team works close together to design and delivery best practice experiences for your organizations.

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Our team does not sit in the back room, just reading research.  We like a hands on approach.  Every one of our coaches is out in the field.  We gather monthly for an entire day of development to discuss and debate the latest trends, research and real life.  We bring this fresh knowledge and understanding of best practices to our clients.

You can select the coaching and training method that makes the most sense to you: individual coaching, group training, private classes, or seminar style. You also choose the location that works best for you. You can receive coaching and training at our location, or we can come to you anywhere in the world.

Want to improve and strengthen your speech communication skills? The Speech Improvement Company offers one-on-one coaching sessions customized to help you strengthen your delivery and speaking capabilities.
Our seasoned coaches work with professionals around the world to help them become more effective leaders and communicators. Through our workshops, we can help you with interview skills, presentations, leadership training, and more.
Employers search for job candidates who possess effective communication skills. Our certificate programs are recognized worldwide for training and coaching individuals and groups to become effective, confident, and competent speakers.



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