Over the past 50 years, we’ve been delivering workshops globally. From schools such as Harvard University to world governments and fortune 100 organizations. From boardrooms to mailrooms, we’ve designed and delivered programs to train and coach communication skills.

It’s critical for your coach to understand how people in engineering learn differently than those in sales. A teacher does not learn the same as an architect or senior executive. We require our coaches to have studied at the graduate level or beyond so that they may navigate the various personalities that attend workshops. The goal is not to get through to 1 or 2 participants, but all of them.

Did you know that our coaches have published more than twelve books, based on their experiences and expertise so that you can jump-start your studies even before the workshop begins?  For more information, or a complete list of the management, leadership, and communication-based books that are available through TSIC, just contact us, and we’ll be pleased to help.

Below is a small sample of topics for workshops that may be brought to your organization.

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Has it been a long time since you have been on a job interview? Are you changing jobs? Are you surviving a lay off? Are you new to the job search? Learn skills and techniques from professional speech coaches to ensure you present yourself with clarity and confidence during the job interview. Individual coaching is also available if you prefer to focus on very specific individual needs, concerns, and schedule.


Every time you speak, you are presenting. You’re presenting your thoughts to someone else. The truth is that “It’s all presentation.” Some presenting is formal while some is informal, and it can be meant to inform, persuade, teach, motivate, and more. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to identify the purpose of your presentation, as well as organize and deliver your thoughts in the most effective manner.


This training is a must for leaders, managers, and supervisors. Since effective communication is critical to professional success, our coaching emphasizes day-to-day communication skills. You will learn practical techniques that are taught, discussed, modeled, coached, and practiced in essential areas. Attending this workshop will make you a better leader!


Communication is a make or break skill for leaders and managers in every industry and workplace. The “Harness The Power of Your Communication” seminar delivers the skills you need to build your confidence, motivate others, and enact measurable change throughout your organization. If you want your voice heard in every meeting, if you want others to share your vision, if you want your team to deliver results – you must be a master of communication. This seminar will put you on that path.


Does the thought of delivering a presentation leave you feeling stressed or anxious? Do you avoid opportunities to speak? You’re not alone. Public speaking is the number one fear. The good news is the fear can be controlled. Take the first step and join us for this one-day workshop to learn practical techniques and tools for controlling your nervousness. We will help you conquer your fear of speaking.


The emphasis on interpersonal communication skills has grown as the work of accounting, finance, and audit professionals has become more complex and more integral to business success. Today’s practitioners are increasingly asked to communicate in a way that helps managers use financial information to make sound business decisions and chart strategy. We understand these and demands. Our approach is direct and practical, and our expert coaches will create personalized programs to fit the demands of you and your company.


This Customer Service workshop will help your employees deliver outstanding, professional, and courteous service. Our unique approach emphasizes the strengths in voice-to-voice and face-to-face service techniques. Participants will enjoy the training, while learning valuable and practical skills necessary for your company to excel.


Sales professionals in today’s business environment must possess excellent communication skills. The ability to read customers while delivering key messages is critical to the success of the selling process. Communication with customers needs to be engaging, interactive, and strategic. This workshop will teach participants best practices in selling communication. Learn to build relationships, close deals, handle objections, and more.


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