Kristen’s clients often express their satisfaction with having her as a speech coach and trainer. She uses her ability to connect with individuals or groups, and incorporates her practical approach to training and coaching. Recently, a client called and told Kristen that she had changed her life forever. Kristen knows that helping others communicate is her calling.

As COO and Senior Coaching Partner of The Speech Improvement Company, Kristen has helped thousands of men and women become more effective communicators. She also manages the company’s day-to-day operations and helps create the strategic foundation for the company’s future.

As a coach Kristen brings a wide range of communication expertise, working in such areas as customer service, presentation techniques, interviewing skills, relationship building, and controlling nervousness associated with public speaking. Kristen serves a variety of clients throughout the United States.

Clients often say that they enjoy Kristen’s upbeat, helpful, and professional communication style. She has a unique sensitivity to helping clients overcome their public speaking anxiety. Kristen has extensive experience helping clients become more efficient in the use of computer-generated visuals. She has taken an active role in utilizing virtual reality in her approach to controlling nervousness.

Kristen also played a major role in developing TSIC’s customer service training approach and content. She’s worked with a variety of community/culture centers, hospitals, finance and technology companies, airlines and utility companies. Her upbeat and down-to-earth style helps
participants to relax, learn, and enjoy the training. Participants have been known to walk in as skeptics and walk out of the training asking for more.

In addition to coaching, Kristen has managed the day-to-day operations and provided a strategic foundation for TSIC’s future development. She has extensive experience in helping clients become more efficient with computer-generated visuals and in utilizing virtual reality as a coaching tool. She has been instrumental in developing TSIC’s customer service training approach and content.

Kristen also sits on the Board of Directors of Families 4 Christmas, a small non-profit that helps families in need.

Kristen received her undergraduate degree in Speech Communication from Emerson College in Boston. She received her master’s degree from Lesley University in Training & Development.



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