Sharesz T. Wilkinson is an international top level Executive Communication Coach and Trainer with The Speech Improvement Company. Sharesz’s experiences have provided her with a valuable and very differentiated cultural perspective which she brings into her work with her clients. She is highly specialized in creating change in a very short period of time and instills immediately a high level of comfort and trust. Her expertise in providing direct feedback and creating lasting shifts have led her to work with top executives and celebrities all around the world.
Sharesz is a member of the prestigious, invitation-only Forbes Coaches Council, a select group of world-class professionals unified by a shared mission to empower leaders.

She was a plenary speaker at WEF 2018 international conference in New Dehli where she was conferred the WEF Award of “Exceptional Women of Excellence”. She is the author of the upcoming book Obstacle BusterTM – How to Create Big & Bold Shifts for Lifelong Success, and was invited by Don Hales, the Founder & Chairman of Awards International Ltd, UK, to be an international judge at “CXMO Maldives Business & Customer Experience Awards 2018,” an annual event that celebrates success in the business and service industries.

Sharesz has a unique and very diverse background, is highly cultured, has been to 50 countries so far, lived in 10 and speaks multiple languages. She had to overcome remarkable life challenges and succeeded over and over again, remaining authentic and rooted. She has a great ability to inspire people from all backgrounds and bring meaningful changes to their lives often exceeding their stated goals and expectations.

Sharesz is traveling around the world as an Executive Communication Coach with The Speech Improvement Company. She has coached TED talk and keynote speakerschairmen and presidents of companies as well as groups and high profile individuals such as as professional singersathletesentrepreneurscelebrities, and royalty.

 Sharesz employs a very patient and thoughtful one-on-one coaching style. She brings unique expertise to a wide variety of topics, including executive communication, leadership and management communication, presentation skills, handling difficult conversations, delivering outstanding customer service, controlling nervousness and fear and much more. Sharesz has a passion for the international top level hospitality industry where she not only is able to provide accurate feedback but enhances the employees learned skills to improve and create an excellent experience for guests. Sharesz brings in experience with many exclusive hotels and various top notch brands around the globe.  Originally from Switzerland, Sharesz is currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and services The Speech Improvement Company’s clients worldwide.

Sharesz has had an outstanding journey to get where she is today and is internationally active as an executive communication coach, author, and speaker. She served on multiple executive boards, is an entrepreneur and investor and a highly efficient breakthrough specialist. Her extensive coaching experience led her to work with professionals from multinational organizations as well as proactive individuals and teams around the world.

Sharesz received a ‘Humanitarian Fellow Award‘ from Rotary and served as a mentor.

Sharesz has multiple postgraduate studies and holds a Masters of Arts with an emphasis in History as well as German and French Linguistics at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. She studied further Arts and Sports at university level, was a competing athlete and very active in arts and culture.  Sharesz holds a post graduate degree from SAWI Switzerland in Marketing, Communication and Cultural Management.  She further holds a post graduate degree as an Advanced Business Executive Coach on a Masters level from Bristol Business School at the University of West of England, UK.  Her passion for studies in business and communication-related fields continues.  Sharesz is inspirational as both a trainer and a coach to her clients and as a colleague at 
The Speech Improvement Company.



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