Using our global team of dedicated speech coaches,  we will coach hundreds of speakers per conference with consistency!

Our coaches focus on everything from organization, slides, and persuasion to a professional presence on camera, keeping focused while at home, and presenting without a live audiaence.


People and organizations invest valuable time, money, and effort into producing and attending conferences. But the truth is that all the slides, videos, lighting, staging, and materials are just support tools for the most valuable asset of a conference: the speakers. After the preparation and production are done, it’s the people presenting, who are often not professional speakers, that carry the messages and motivation. We help conference speakers improve speaking skills to connect with listeners authentically and speak with confidence.

TheSpeechImprovementCompany coaches have taught us not only how to best present our research, but also, how to tell the story behind the research. As a result, our analysts now connect with the audience better, and demonstrate their capabilities in the best way possible.

Crawford Del Prete,
Executive VP and Chief Research Officer, IDC

For over twenty years, TheSpeechImprovementCompany has coached Forrester to deliver engaging, authoritative, and inspired messages to our clients. In our business, excellent communication is job one — TheSpeechImprovementCompany‘s expertise has ensured that we accomplish that mission.

George F. Colony,
CEO, Forrester Research

Why Conference Coaching?

Public speaking and facing hundreds or thousands of people can be overwhelming – stepping out onstage is not an everyday experience for most people and fear of public speaking can make it terrifying. After eliminating speaking anxiety, refining presentation content and format that builds rapport and connects with the themes of the event are key to achieving results.

With TheSpeechImprovementCompany, you have access to a team of conference coaching specialists. Our Executive Communication Coaches are seasoned professionals, with decades of experience working with first-time presenters, professional speakers and production teams to create powerful events and presentations. Our communication skills training helps speakers show confidence with good communication that ensures their messages are delivered persuasively and effectively.

How It Works

Just as a sports coach works with an athlete in all phases of training right up to the big game, our conference coaches can support and inspire you and your team from the first brainstorming session through the final moments when it’s time to go live. Our coaching helps supply the energy and enthusiasm to deliver clear communication that effectively engage conference attendees.

We prepare clients for events and conferences of all sizes, from a single speaker to an entire presenting team, with both one-on-one and group coaching. We can work solo or in concert with a production company to ensure continuity and flow.

To build further, we can debrief speakers after the event and offer follow-up coaching, either face-to-face or via videoconferencing using Skype, FaceTime, GoToMeeting or WhatsApp.

Topics Covered

Our most popular topics include:

  • Fear of public speaking & speaking anxiety
  • Building rapport & conveying authenticity
  • Coordinating with production professionals
  • Thinking on your feet
  • Developing stage presence and confidence
  • Enhancing oral and non-verbal delivery
  • Motivational speaking
  • Technical presentations
  • Staying on theme
  • Staying on time
  • Corporate storytelling
  • Use of visual aids

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