The Speech Improvement Company (TSIC) was founded in 1964 and is well known as the founder of the communication coaching and training industry. We can help you speak with confidence.

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Presentation Skills
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Since our founding in 1964, our curriculum is based on graduate & doctoral level study in areas related to communication.  While presentation skills is our flag ship offering, we offer so much more!  In addition, our coaching team members continue their education with monthly team development days to ensure our content is modern.  Our style is direct, empathetic, specific, immediate, and results in quick, positive, professional transformation.  The context for each of these topics matters.  You might need to learn to communicate at meetings, conferences, town halls, TED talks, seminars, webinars, or more.  Whether it’s presentation skills or leadership and management communication, our team will train and coach you based on solid, tested, and proven techniques.


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It’s so much more than presentation!


Our coaches have been on Oprah, TED talks, CNN, ABC, Bloomberg, FOX, and more!  They are in high demand around the world and are often seen as the authority on all things related to communication.  While our flag ship program is presentation skills, we do so much more.  Our team has worked with Harvard University, MIT, Johns Hopkins University, the White House, the FBI, and tens of thousands of companies, hospitals, design firms, doctors, executives, teachers, celebrities, politicians, and others who use talking in their job.  Our team works with global leaders on presentation skills and many other areas in their communication.  Each program we create is custom-designed to fit your needs and implemented by our highly trained, formally educated, internationally recognized speech coaches.  Whether you’re delivering a formal presentation and need to polish your presentation skills,  or you need individual communication skill building, our highly trained coaches will help you learn and develop the  presentation skills you need to be both comfortable and effective.


Your coach’s education and experience matters a great deal.  We’ve found that the most successful clients learn presentation skills from coach who is a part of a team.  A real team, not a “web-site” team of people who coach part time.   Many companies, claim to be a team, but when you look closer, it’s not.  Those teams  may have good presenters themselves, and try to help you speak like them ( or like TED).  Our team is a whole other caliber when it comes to teaching presentation skills. It’s not teaching you to be fake, or to act, or to sound like a copy of the latest TED speaker.  The coaching staff on our team is highly educated and skilled at teaching presentation skills for any environment.   If your speaking at a TED talk, we’ll train you the presentation skills you need.  Most people are not speaking at a TED talk, they are in a business or public enviornment and don’t want to be fake or talk like TED, they want to be themselves, authentic, clear, comfortable and confident.  Our coaches have studied, researched, and mastered the tools and techniques to train and coach on the presentation skills to speak with confident that your approach is going to be appropriate for the venue your speaking at.  Speaking on a stage is not the same as speaking at a team meeting, or to investors.


As a team, our coaching staff  is close and works, studies, debates, argues, and enjoys each other.  This close collaboration strengthens our overall ability to service clients and go deeper to effect behavior change.  Because our coaches work with thousands or people each year, they have keen insight to help you write your speeches and frame your conversations in ways that connect with your intended listeners.  Presentation skills are not only for the formal meeting.  Presentation skills can be seen as the foundation of communication for  leading, managing, motivating, giving feedback and more.  As our co-founder Dr. Dennis Becker says, “It’s all presentation”  when you open your mouth you are taking your thoughts and presenting them publicly, even if only to one person.


You can speak with confidence knowing that you have been vetted and helped by a Speech Improvement Company coach.  In addition to the formal educations in areas related to speech communication, our team meets every month for an entire day of continued development.  You might only imagine what it is like to be a fly on the wall during those meetings!


Our world-class communication coaches have decades of experience, across four continents, helping people communicate more effectively at large corporations, small companies, governments and universities. We teach productive communication to individuals such as Fortune 500 executives, board members, managers, politicians, professional athletes, doctors, teachers, administrators, salespeople, service agents, entrepreneurs, and even professional speakers on four continents! They all attend our one-on-one coaching and group workshops to learn a diverse set of skills, from speaking clearly to persuasive public speaking to overcoming fear of speaking, handling challenging customers, and the importance of communication skills in selling.

Our Strength in Numbers

Over 50 years of speech consultancy experience.


YEARS training and coaching communication skills


DEGREES have been collectively earned by our coaches, including undergraduate, graduate, and PhD


BOOKS written by TSIC team members on speaking and communications


COUNTRIES visited while consulting with clients all over the world


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