Individual Speech Coaching

The Speech Improvement Company (TSIC) proudly offers individual one-on-one coaching sessions for anyone who wants to improve and strengthen his or her speech communication skills. Regardless if you’re an in-person presenter, someone who stands in front of a camera for video recordings, or even if you’re a commentator or presenter for a seminar or webinar, TSIC offers customized individual coaching to help you strengthen your delivery and speaking capabilities. In additional to group environments, many managers and leaders select individual speech coaching to help them strengthen how they deliver feedback, motivate, inspire, persuade, and overall improve their communication skills.

Individual Coaching Programs

Accent Reduction
No matter what your native language, if your listeners have difficulty understanding you, your effectiveness as a manager or leader is diminished. In Accent Reduction, you’ll learn what sounds are difficult for your listeners and how to improve those sounds. You’ll learn the rhythm and inflection of American English. In addition, you’ll develop a list of words that are particularly difficult for you. Finally, you’ll learn how to be comfortable in conversation for business or personal settings.
Are you looking to improve your presentation skills but don’t have the time or desire to improve in a group setting? Perhaps you’re in a high profile situation and value complete privacy as you strengthen your skill? Individual coaching for presentation skill is the most personal way to improve your skills. Based on your goals and experience level, your coach will provide you with an incredibly customized experience.
Virtual Reality Training
The fear of speaking is often cited as the world’s most common social phobia. Traditional treatment has included systematic desensitization, cognitive restructuring and skills building. Current advances made through the use of computer display technology and the work of researchers have made it possible to use virtual reality technology in treating the fear of public speaking and other psychological disorders.
Telephone Techniques
Telephone Techniques helps your firm convey a positive and persuasive telephone image. Each program is uniquely tailored to meet your firm’s needs. Our enjoyable and cost-efficient learning opportunity/training can focus on telemarketing (selling by phone) or teletraining (customer relations and image)
Executive Communication
Executive Communication Coaching (ECC) features customized learning approaches, designed to suit your individual learning needs. ECC puts the emphasis on the “style” of communication that is most beneficial and desirable to you. This is a unique 10-week program designed for those who hold senior management or leadership positions in their company or organization. It is our most popular executive coaching program.
IPO/VC Coaching
The Initial Public Offering/Venture Capital (IPO/VC) process is technical, time-consuming, and treacherous. Company executives must present their case for bankers and investors in a competent, confident and convincing manner. Our IPO/VC coaching team is dedicated to ensuring a positive experience and outcome to this effort. We have many years of successful frontline coaching experience with companies of all sizes. Our specialty is helping clients develop and deliver a cohesive story line, which is presented with an authoritative and persuasive style.
Business English
Business English is designed to help you minimize miscommunication or misinterpreted communication. This new learning opportunity focuses on improving your speaking skills if English is your second language. If you already speak English and would like to reduce your accent and strengthen your conversational English, this is right for you. Learning can be conducted in small groups, private face-to face coaching sessions or phone and/or video conference sessions. Emphasis is given to Business Speaking in both formal and informal settings.
Video Conferencing
Today’s business, economic, and social environment has increased the value and viability of video conferencing. Communicating effectively through this medium is challenging for every speaker. Video conference speaking has its own set of rules and behaviors for success. Our coaches will give your speakers an understanding of, and a set of skills for, productive participation in this important mode of business communication.
Business Writing
The success of written communication depends solely on how the reader receives the message. Our business writing programs focus specifically on how to effectively communicate via the written word. Our approach to writing is practical, and each session is customized to your individual communication needs. We place a strong emphasis on effective email writing since emails are the primary mode of communication in the workplace. We provide you with tools that make your email communication messages more succinct, more effective and productive.
Conference Calling
Most people haven’t received training on how to lead conference calls and tend to take a laid-back approach. This CONFERENCE CALLING program will ensure that your colleagues and management are engaged your conference call. Learn more about conference call technology, how to be a good host, and ways to create a positive call experience for everyone.
Strengthening Business English
Have people struggled to understand your words? Whether you want to polish your speaking to present a particular style or if English is your second language, Strengthening Business English will help you learn to control your speaking skills to present a proper polished image.