As a world class senior level speech coach with over 25 years of experience, Monica brings unique skill to helping the most senior level executives to identify and strengthen communication strategies and skills.  As a trusted advisor, Monica brings her clients to that next level of communication skill.

Monica Murphy is a renowned and highly respected speech coach and communication consultant with over 25 years of experience. She has taught effective communication to professionals of all educational and corporate levels.

As Vice President and Executive Communication Coach at THE SPEECH IMPROVEMENT COMPANY, INC., she offers private and group coaching to an international range of clients. She specializes in helping senior executives and managers develop communication skills and strategies in a variety of settings including: leadership communication, conference presenting, business meetings, public speaking, investor relations, customer service training, employee coaching, and effective interpersonal dialogue.

Monica has successfully coached at Bain Capital, Boston Celtics, IDC, Pegasystems, Genzyme, Fidelity Investments, Beacon Capital, Ropes & Gray, MIT, and Harvard University.

She received her undergraduate degree in Business and Organizational Communication from Emerson College in Boston and a Masters of Science degree in Adult Education, Training, and Staff Development from the University of South Florida. 

Monica has been an active member of several prominent professional organizations including The National Communication Association and The American Society for Training and Development. She has contributed to several important communication books including Powerful Presentations SkillsMastering Communication at Work, and Personal Communication Style.

From the white house to leaders of fortune 100 companies around the world, Monica has worked with all levels in organizations in both group and individual settings.

In addition to being a second generation speech coach, Monica has spent time in the corporate world as the Vice President of Training and Development for Homeview.

In addition to helping thousands of people around the world, Monica has helped people such as individual sports figures, media personalities, politicians, and business professionals.  A few of her organizational clients include: BAIN CAPITALTHE BOSTON CELTICSROPES & GRAYIDCPEGASYSTEMSLINEDATAEAGLE INVESTMENT SYSTEMSFIDELITY INVESTMENTSMASSACHUSETTS HOSPITAL ASSOCIATIONTHE AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION,  THE MASSACHUSSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGYTA ASSOCIATESSANKATY ADVISORS and BEACON CAPITAL

As a second generation speech coach, Monica was raised in an environment when The Speech Improvement Company Inc, was pioneering the field of executive coaching.  She was always around training and development of communication skills.  She choose to follow in the footsteps of her parents and focus her formal education and training in areas related to executive speech communication.

Monica received her undergraduate degree in Business and Organizational Communication from Emerson College in Boston.  She completed her Masters of Science degree from the University of South Florida in Adult EducationTraining and Staff Development.  To keep her knowledge fresh, Monica has been an active member of several professional organizations including The National Communication Association and The American Society for Training and Development, and is an active coach in the continued research at The Speech Improvement Company.



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