Our clients speak the loudest!


“Just wanted to say thank you again for a fantastic workshop – I can honestly say that it was one of the best things I have ever done in my professional career and I can tell it will be something that will help me in everyday life as well.”

  • D. Carter, Workforce Solution Consultant, Kronos



“Well this is a first…You definitely are a super star…10 in both content and delivery!! WOW!!”

  • Director of Administration, Healthcare industry association



“I want to thank you for what I believe to be the most beneficial workshop I have attended in my whole life.”

  • Healthcare administrator, Small regional hospital



“Dr. Becker’s presentation was the best, period.  I would HIGHLY recommend him for other parts of FMSU. My suggestion would be to have more of him, he was great. Could have been a longer time.”

  • Participants at Fuji Film All-Hands Meeting



“I Just returned from an event in the United States where we spent the entire day listening to the best Keynote speakers in the world. But, your speech blew them all away! It was more relevant and inspiring!  This was amazing!”

  • Participant Kronos EMEA kick off in London



“Our coach forced us to get our of the microcosm that we live in every day and focus on why what are talking about matters to listeners.  It was eye opening”

  • Jonathan Montagu CEO HotSpot Therapeutics



“As I mentioned to you, I wish your coaching feedback began 10-15 years earlier in my career, however, it’s never too late!”

  • Business Development Manager, Global technology company



“Everyone in our organization is very pleased with The Speech Improvement Company. Your individual counseling with key executives assisting them in presentations has not only improved the quality of their presentations, but has provided them with long lasting skills.”

  • VP/Director of Stores, National retail chain



“Every member, I’m sure, is going to go home, call the sales force together, and start putting your counsel to work.”

  • Associate Director, National news organization



“We are pleased to recommend The Speech Improvement Company for any firm interested in improving customer service, increasing sales and generally improving communication skills both internally and externally to the public.”

  • Vice President, National mortgage company



“I would be an understatement to tell you how much we enjoyed your session. The meeting was extremely productive, informative, motivational and in fact, inspirational.”

  • Western Regional Vice President, Office products retail chain



“The speech at the [event] was considered an overwhelming success and several people especially complimented me on ‘a superb delivery.’ There was no way I could have accomplished this without your efforts.”

  • Clinical Fellow, University medical school



“Thank you for the excellent workshop that you presented for my department. Your professional approach as well as enthusiastic and entertaining delivery far exceeded our expectations.”

  • General Director, Fortune 500 life insurance company



“I am honored to have a TSIC coach present to my business students.  When the Speech Improvement company presents, it is always one of my top-rated classes of the semester.”

  • Peter Nunziata, Adjunct Professor at Boston College Carroll School of Management



“The Speech Improvement Company’s coaches have taught us not only how to best present our research, but also, how to tell the story behind the research. As a result, our analysts now connect with the audience better and demonstrate their capabilities in the best way possible.”

  • Crawford Del Prete, executive vice president, WW Business Units and chief research officer at IDC   



“Your presentation was informative, instructive and most of all enjoyable. It was a rare and wonderful opportunity for our group to sharpen those skills which we so often take for granted.”

  • Training Manager, Large hospital



“Bain Capital and the Boston Celtics have partnered with The Speech Improvement Company for years to help our organization’s leaders prepare for major presentations and media interviews.”

  • Steve Pagliuca, managing director of Bain Capital and managing general partner of the Boston Celtics



“I owe a great deal of my success to The Speech Improvement Company. Working with them changed my life and I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t met them.”

  • Jon Platt, President, North America at Warner/Chappell Music (WCM)



“Monica gets our company and our culture. She understands the players, and the role of different people. She was able to effectively navigate and modify her coaching to the personal styles of many different people within our organization.”

  • Kathleen Rockey, – Sankaty Advisors



“The comments indicated that you provided excellent information, techniques and ideas for a diverse audience. Your program was creative and interactive. You definitely held their interest and that’s not easy to do at 7:30 in the morning!”

  • Chairperson, Human resources industry association



“The trip was a huge success for me and a feel I owe much of my success to you. You helped me put everything into perspective, you cleared up any surprises I could have encountered, and you helped me to relax enough to be myself and do my job.”

  • Manager, Mid-sized high-tech company



“By working with each executive in a personalized manner, I believe we have added value far beyond the more traditional classroom or seminar approach. Your ability to work with us in this customized fashion has been key to the success of our executive communications program.”

  • Public Relations Manager, Fortune 500 manufacturer



“Your Presentation Skills workshop was truly outstanding, and each participant left eager to implement their newly acquired skills immediately. I know this program will enrich their own professional development and benefit our entire organization along the way.”

  • Coordinator Marketing, Fortune 500 life insurance company



“She was highly regarded by the members of my staff, and I was pleased to observe significant improvement on the part of most of the participants. Important to me was that this improvement was noted by others as well as myself, and the participants themselves credited her with their enhanced capabilities.”

  • Manager, Physical Chemistry Laboratory, Fortune 500 manufacturer



“You have a reassuring way of presenting a subject that, for many of us, is so difficult. You have become a terrific role model, as well as a problem solver.”

  • Speakers Bureau Chair, Political action group



“What a super job you did at [company]! The feedback I received was terrific. It certainly exceeded my expectations.”

  • VP Human Resources, Small hospital



“Congratulations on delivering the most successful and highly attended Business Partner Executive Seminar we’ve ever had! This was truly a premier event for our business and our company.”

  • VP Systems Business Unit, Fortune 500 computer manufacturer



“As we finished out the week after your visit, our time with you turned out to be not only the most dazzling part of the week, but the event seemed to solidify the team!”

  • Manager, International corporate consulting company



“Your comments and feedback pertaining to the preparation, style, organization and delivery of effective client communication generated such enthusiasm as to prompt [company] Principals and Associates to involve the entire firm in this program.”

  • Manager, Marketing Communications, Boston-area architecture firm



“Everyone left that morning feeling both educated and entertained!”

  • Manager, Business industry association



“As noted in the evaluations, you are a dynamic and interesting speaker. You were able to hold everyone’s attention the entire day, and some participants commented that the day went by too quickly.”

  • Chairman, Workshop Task Force, Nursing industry association



“They also left the workshop highly motivated. With no added encouragement from me they are practicing their exercises and executing your recommendations.”

  • Director of Programming and Operations, AM radio station



“Your coaching and problem solving has helped me to eliminate the adversarial posture it is so easy to slip into while soliciting new business using the telephone. I now work truly tension-free and really enjoy – actually look forward to – using the telephone every day.”

  • Financial Consultant, Fortune 500 financial services company



“Well you did it again…you were a smash hit! Attendees told us you were the best educational speaker we’ve had to date.”

  • Nurse Consultant, California-based healthcare provider



“I never thought it possible that in six short weeks you could transform a life-long fear of public speaking into the “joy of public speaking”!!”

  • Personnel Manager, Fortune 500 upscale retail chain



“Our clients are sophisticated. They demand of us clear, direct, and open lines of communication. Thank you for helping us meet their demands.”

  • President, Small architecture firm



“Frankly, I have never seen such high marks and positive comments.”

  • Chairman, Healthcare industry association



“Not only do the scientists who you worked with appreciate your efforts, but all employees who interact with these employees on a regular basis appreciate the improvement in their communications skills.”

  • Manager, Human Resources, Biotech research and development company



“We all thank you over and over for this service. It not only aids those very valuable Staff Members directly but, by its high caliber, it demonstrates to everyone the value we place in our people. The payoff is multiple and immeasurable.”

  • Assistant Manager, University office of education, training and development



“At lunch following the workshop, your presentation was the primary topic of conversation. I heard only rave reviews!”

  • Director, Hospital speech, hearing & language center



“The comments we received from those in attendance were all very complimentary. In fact, every single evaluation form rated your presentation ‘Excellent.’”

  • Secretary, National trade association



“I incorporated nearly all of your suggestions and it really paid dividends as my scores were among the top two or three speakers.”

  • Vice President, International research firm



“Your efforts were instrumental in helping us to focus our presentation and our audience on the “themes” which we believe made us the best team for the job. As during our previous seminars, I was impressed by your command of language, nuance, and presentation psychology.”

  • Principal, Boston-based architecture firm



“Your workshops on effective communications and sales techniques have been utilized as part of our ongoing training program for managers and sales representatives.”

  • Senior Vice President, Fortune 500 bank



“The positive responses from both management and staff employees truly attest to the worth of your program. Your “shirtsleeves” yet professional approach was an effective means of presenting the course material.”

  • Director of HR, National automobile association



“Thanks for sharing yourself and your knowledge with our staff. As I have mentioned to you all who participated show much more enthusiasm and confidence in their speech.”

  • Director of HR, Boston-area hotel



“I know I will be using the excellent tips and guidelines you presented for better communicating skills in my sales presentations. This was certainly one of the best programs we’ve had this year.”

  • Vice President, Small bank & trust company



“I just wanted to take the time to thank you for a wonderful learning experience with the stress speaking class. You were un-intimidating, enthusiastic and entertaining. My only regret is I didn’t take it years ago.”

  • President, Financial services company



“All reports have been glowing. It was an enjoyable and meaningful event for all participants.”

  • Regional Executive, Nationwide Fortune 500 bank



“Not only did the members of the Human Resources Department feel they benefitted from the specific skills they learned; they also felt that the workshop improved group morale and fostered team building.”

  • Administrator, Management Development, Fortune 500 defense contractor



“I have heard nothing but outstanding compliments about the value and quality of the seminars. Many of your students have asked “What’s next for a follow-up session?” Even the most nervous said they were able to relax within a few minutes because of your sincerity, knowledge of the subject and genuine interest in them.”

  • Manager, Boston-area construction company



“Shortly after our “Speaking Under Stress” course ended, I had the occasion to make a formal presentation at the [event] to about 40 people in my profession. It was the most relaxed and effective talk I’ve had in years.”

  • President, Small accounting firm



“We were very pleased with both the content and presentation of those sessions on how to teach our personnel to react to the customer and most importantly portray a professional image.”

  • Resident Manager, Fortune 500 hotel chain



“What can I say with regard to our recent workshop? It was great! It went far better than I could have planned. Your delivery was perfect for an audience that ranged from the very green to the experienced and jaded.”

  • Marketing Manager, Computer systems manufacturer



“This memo is to let you know that your knowledge and individual coaching together made the best career development program that I have encountered in my 15-year career. People who speak and present well are more successful in their career and personal life, and your program delivers on such skills.”

  • Project Director, Large financial services company



“The feedback from the Advocates was very positive. The quotes below prove that you provided them with the tools to increase their job satisfaction, improve their customer relationship skills, and reduce their stress. You have also provided the management team with a methodology for effective ongoing process development.”

  • Project Manager, Large computer manufacturer



“Once again you were a “smashing hit” with the participants. In addition to the knowledge you shared, I know that they enjoyed your wonderful style and your great sense of humor.”

  • Director of Education, Healthcare company



“I monitored the progress of the class members and it was a very positive experience for them. It seems their self-esteem and their confidence has improved, and their willingness to participate in those business activities which require them to speak in front of a group has increased noticeably.”

  • Director of International Business, Software company



“Overall, the speech was such a success that my company does not want it distributed, except to clients, as it is seen as too valuable to give away for free. And a major figure in the industry told me afterwards that the speech captures the central issues of the field in a way that makes them very simple to follow.”

  • Director, Industry-focused research company



“Your personal approach to coaching each one of us through management communication, presentation and personal effectiveness has laid the foundation for essential business skills we will use for the rest of our lives.”

  • Customer Response Program Manager, Large manufacturer



“I wanted to thank you once again for our work in preparing for my two industry presentations. As you can see from the scores for each, I was a “big hit.” Specifically, having the opportunity to talk through the presentations, and your suggestion to include “people stories” really helped make my presentations stand out in the conferences.”

  • Director HR Services, Large regional bank



“Bravo again! You are a professional among professionals. Once again, everyone on our staff was impressed with your masterful way of selecting topics, presenting them thoroughly and thoughtfully, while all the time keeping the participants interested and smiling. Not an easy accomplishment.”

  • Program Manager, Women’s professional association



“Your interactive style enables executives with a solid foundation in basic presentation skills to ascend to a new level.”

  • Associate General Auditor, Fortune 500 insurance company



“No amount of typical “communications” or “presentation” skills training, as I have experienced it, would have delivered us such speedy and on-target results.”

  • Information Specialist, Fortune 500 computer company



“I received nothing but positive feedback concerning not only the content of the course, but also on how it was taught. There was a general feeling that the course had opened doors on capabilities that the participants didn’t even realize they possess.”

  • Project Director, Fortune 500 manufacturer



“Much of the success our Customer Service Centers have had is due to the excellent manner you conveyed the message of achieving in this program.”

  • Director, Automotive finance company



“The difference from BEFORE you worked with them to AFTER was pretty amazing. Although they were still really nervous and insisted on practicing their presentation maybe 5 times in the 24 hours prior to the meeting, they did a FABULOUS job.”

  • Director of Research Analysis, Fortune 500 financial services company



“Your belief in each of us (as speakers and facilitators), and the techniques you’ve shown us, have not only helped us with the recent [event], but has given us the confidence and inspiration to feel that we can conquer all future speaking engagements.”

  • North American Channel Manager, Educational software company



“I acquired skills and techniques for making my presentations more effective and enjoyable for my audience. I also developed a better understanding of how my personality and behavior shapes the way I am perceived by others.”

  • Director Merger Integration, Large regional bank



“Your presentation was very enlightening and informative. I don’t remember having such an interactive presentation. It was really wonderful!”

  • VP and Program Chair, Women’s professional association



“Your presentation was packed with good ideas and was most pleasurable to listen to. Humor always makes learning a more profitable venture.”

  • Education Consultant, Regional hospital



“Just thought I’d drop you a line to let you know that the convention was a tremendous success. No fears, strong voice, good eye contact, 3,000 people. We’ve come a long way!”

  • Manager, Tool & supply company



“Please accept my belated but heartfelt thanks for your excellent work in preparing [name] for his presentation at the [event] in New Orleans last month. His performance was sensational, and the presentation was extremely well received by the thousands of attendees at that meeting.”

  • Associate Professor & MD., University medical school



“They handed in their quick evals and I received copies of them later that day. I was very humbled by the things that people said … and they wished I’d talked longer!”

  • Administrator, Large private equity firm



“The board call went well and the preparation good. The strategy was right and it worked. My stress level went down from 12 (1 -10) to a 6-7 after just 2 coaching sessions.”

  • CEO of a South East Asian based multinational industrial company