Free Lessons to Speak with Confidence

Motivating Others

In this 30-minute recorded webinar, you will learn the difference between inspiration and motivation. We will introduce the unique Motivation Matrix and use it to identify the six elements needed to motivate anyone.

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Controlling the Impression You Make

What would you like other people to say about you when you are not present? This 30-minute recorded webinar will reveal the six most frequently selected impressions that leaders of countries and companies worldwide find effective.

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Advocating for Yourself

Speaking up on your own behalf should not feel uncomfortable or embarrassing. This 30-minute recorded webinar will focus on both the mindset and methods for advocating for yourself and your ideas.

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Answering Challenging Questions on Your Feet

At work, questions are continuously being tossed out to us. At times, We don’t know the answer and feel like we should. We can’t answer the question. We don’t have a good answer. We know the question will cause conflict if we choose to answer it.

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Delivering Performance Reviews Confidently

If your work situation requires you to manage other people, this complimentary webinar will benefit you. One of your responsibilities is to periodically give people an assessment of how they perform their work responsibilities. This is often a sensitive and uncomfortable task.

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