We develop and deliver customized group training programs and private, one-on-one coaching sessions in five key areas:

Developing your personal communication style – Speaking to boards and shareholders – Delivering feedback – Handling defensiveness – Strategies for delegating – Motivating – Managing difficult people – Implementing situational leadership

Being persuasive – Overcome fear of speaking – Handling difficult questions – Thinking on your feet – Using visual aids effectively – Speaking clearly – Being organized – Corporate storytelling – Presenting as a team – Technical presentations

Selling and presenting for the non-sales professional – Becoming a “demo artist” – Uncovering needs – Interviewing skills – Conversation skills – Building rapport – Enhancing the delivery of your sales presentation – Technical presentations

Active listening for service – The language of exceptional customer service – Managing stress – Handling challenging customers – Delivering bad news – Thinking on your feet – Using persuasive techniques – Recovering from mistakes

Need a keynote or guest speaker for your conference or event? Our coaches are motivational professional speakers who inspire, teach, and will tailor the presentation to resonate with your group.


We specialize in uncovering needs, identifying communication skills and designing a strategy for improvement. Our background and experience are widely varied and include virtually every aspect of human communication. This allows us to customize our executive coaching and training programs to fit your unique needs and guide you to the right solution. You will be able to work directly with the coach, not a salesperson, and explore multiple options prior to making any commitments. This ensures a successful match between the coach and you or your group.


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your confidence.
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Individual Coaching

Choose a speech coach who’s best for you

Receive private coaching sessions

Develop your personal communication style

Coaching is completely customized for you


Designed for participants who like working with others in a group setting

Perfect your own communication skills and practice them with other participants

Benefit from watching, listening, speaking to, and learning from others in the group

Delivers the highest quality and best practices in the study of human communication

Certificate Programs

Our certification programs are recognized worldwide

Gain credibility within your business environment – let a certificate of achievement speak for you

Group training certification programs and individually designed one-on-one programs are available

Our Daily & Hourly Rates

Our coaching team is considered by many around the world to be the best of the best. Each program we create is custom-designed and implemented by our highly trained, formally educated, award winning, nationally and internationally recognized speech coaches.

Individual Coaching

per hour for individual hourly coaching

Remote Coaching

per hour for GoToMeeting, FaceTime, WhatsApp or Skype-based individual hourly coaching

Group Training

per day for a full-day customized group training workshop


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