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The internet is filled with youtube videos, articles, and self proclaimed experts. There is an overwhelming amount of information about communicating in just about every setting. What may work for someone on the internet, may not work for you. We all look different, sound different, think different. Let us help you focus in on the parts of communication that are unique to you!

You may select the coaching and training method that makes the most sense to you: individual coaching, group training, private classes, or seminar style. You also choose the location that works best for you. You can receive coaching and training at our location, or we can come to you anywhere in the world.

Need your entire organization of thousands trained?  No problem, our team has experience creating and implementing enterprise wide training and coaching experiences.


Browse through our services to learn more about our most frequently requested programs. Or contact us directly if you would like to discuss a specific need.



Need a keynote or guest speaker for your conference or event? Our coaches are motivational public speakers who inspire, teach, and will tailor the presentation to resonate with your group.


How We Work

We will talk with you about your specific need and help guide you to the right solution. You will be able to speak directly with the coach prior to making any commitments.  This ensures a match between the coach and your group.

We specialize in identifying communication strengths, and designing a strategy for improvement. Our background and experience is widely varied and includes virtually every aspect of human interaction. This background allows us to customize our coaching and training programs to fit your unique needs.

You benefit from our team collaboration to bring best practices. We work together to ensure consistency, quality, and customization. Even our standard programs may be customized to fit the needs of any specific group.


Call us for a free 30-minute consultation with a seasoned speech coach.


us for a free 30-minute consultation with a seasoned speech coach.

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one of our 3 proven package options to hone your skills and improve your confidence.

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your coaching sessions with your speech coach – you’re on the way to reaching your goals!

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your progress and discuss any additional coaching needs.

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Our Services

  • Individual Coaching

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    • Choose a TSIC coach who will work best with you
    • Receive individual one-on-one coaching sessions
    • Learn skills and tools to strengthen your personal communication style
    • Practice conversations or presentations with your seasoned speech coach
    • Coaching is completely customized for you

  • Workshops

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    • Designed for participants who like working with others in a group setting
    • Perfect your own skillsets for presenting verbal deliveries of your messages
    • Benefit from watching, listening, and learning from others in the group
    • Delivers the highest quality and best practices in the study of communication
    • Workshops are informal, yet informative and interactive

  • Certificate Programs

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    • TSIC certification programs are recognized worldwide
    • Gain credibility within your business environment – let a certificate of achievement speak for you
    • Group training certification programs and individually designed one-on-one programs available


Our Daily & Hourly Rates

Our coaching team is considered by many around the world to be the best of the best. Each program we create is custom-designed and implemented by our highly trained, formally educated, award winning, nationally and internationally recognized speech coaches.

Individual Coaching


$400 – $500

per hour for individual hourly coaching

Skype Coaching



per hour for Skype-based individual hourly coaching

Group Training



per day for a full-day customized group training workshop  

Our Fees & Expenses

Travel Fees and Expenses

Out of State Travel expenses to be paid by the client.

Out of State travel fee of 50% of the day rate per coach will apply for each travel day.

Cancellation Policy

We hold our clients in high regard and consider their time valuable. In return, we ask the same. Sessions cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours will incur 100% of the fee. Within 48 hours will incur 50% of the fee.