Speak with Confidence

Humility and Gratitude: Humanizing Your Corporate Image 

As coaches, we sometimes have clients with big egos and high opinions of themselves—in short, real Type A personalities. Sometimes they have trouble getting their ideas across to others or connecting with audiences. This is confusing for them (they are, after all, subject-matter experts), as having hard-charging personalities has helped them be successful and often sought-after speakers. They ask: What’s not working here? Why do some audiences tune me out? Why do I get the

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Affect and Technology 

Affect relates to the presentation’s general impression, the feeling it evokes. It’s like overhearing loud voices in the next room or getting “an impression” of what is happening. Affect refers to the openness, tension or mood of the experience. It is primarily intangible but a genuine and crucial part of communication.

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Communicating with Authority – On Demand Recorded Webinar

Being able to communicate assertively and confidently helps people succeed in business and personal relationships. It begins with a mindset and requires attention to non-verbal communication and delivery style. This recorded webinar will introduce you to the best practices for both and provide valuable, life-long communication skills. 30-minutes  

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Managing Employees Remotely – On Demand Recorded Webinar

With large numbers of employees working remotely, managers are grappling with a set of challenges in communication, motivation, and employee engagement to continue leading effectively. Watch our recorded webinar and you will learn: – The key challenges to remote work – Five important skills for effective remote collaboration – How to motivate and engage employees This is a unique opportunity to fine-tune your communication skills. You will learn proven strategies you can put to use

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Thinking on Your Feet

Watch our 30-minute recorded webinar: Thinking on Your Feet This informative, practical webinar teaches you how to process and organize your thoughts quickly in a way that will help you communicate clearly and with confidence.

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