Professional English for Non-Native Speakers

Professionals who are non-native speakers of English have unique talents, skills, and challenges communicating in a global world.

Business knowledge combined with success in meetings, presentations and fast paced conversations are valuable assets.

Our customized one-on-one, group training and coaching programs offer comprehensive speech and communication toolkits customized to help professionals with diverse language backgrounds at all levels of the organization. Our goal is to help you achieve outstanding business relationships and results.


Participants are invited to bring their own concerns to coaching.  In addition, topics may include:

•Understanding similarities and differences between American English and other languages

•Code-switching: how speakers vary use of accent, vocabulary, and other cultural cues

•Enhancing speech clarity, including accent reduction/modification and voice work

•Keys to speaking rate, rhythm, inflection, and other nonverbal communication (“body language”)

•Developing comfort with use of American English expressions and idioms

•Presenting with impact

•Organizing thoughts and “thinking on your feet”

•Adjusting communication to professional situations

•Elevating professional presence

•Networking and social skills for business

•Navigating the corporate landscape




Executives who are non-native speakers of English have recognized leadership competencies and talents valued in their organization. Still, leaders may be  challenged by being understood clearly, delivering presentations, facilitating town halls and meetings, running remote meetings, and subtle differences in cross-cultural behavior.

Our unique and customized one-on-one Executive Programs offer comprehensive speech and communication strategies. Our goal is to help you demonstrate outstanding leadership in a variety of communication contexts.

The bottom line: we help you enhance your team’s morale, motivation and productivity!


Participants are invited to bring their own concerns to coaching.  In addition, topics may include


•Enhancing speech clarity

•Managing speaking rate, rhythm, and inflection

•Presentation message and visuals development

•Leading town halls and remote meetings

•Best practices in nonverbal behavior (“body language”)

•Demonstrating Executive Presence

•Recognizing and responding to subtle cultural differences

•Strategies for navigating American humor and slang



Whole day and half day group workshops

Detailed initial speech and communication assessment

360° Feedback

Comprehensive plan “road map” for success

Custom materials such as worksheets, workbooks, audio, and video recordings when applicable


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“I am now a Vice President—the promotion went through and I got it!
I just want to send you this note to express my appreciation for your advice and support over the past year. As you know, achieving this position of VP was an important career goal for me. But it would not have been possible without your guidance, support and encouragement.” 

VP, State Street

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The Speech Improvement Company Coaches have taught us not only how to best present our research, but also, how to tell the story behind the research.  As a result, our analysts now connect with the audience better and demonstrate their capabilities in the best way possible.

Crawford Del Prete, executive vice president, WW Business Units and chief research officer at IDC


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