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Speaking Business English Clearly

Our 30-minute recorded webinar Speaking Business English Clearly will help non-native English speakers be heard. English is the international language of business. This can be especially challenging for people whose native language is not English. This complimentary recorded webinar will introduce the most important elements of being able to speak English clearly. Watch Now

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Eloquence: Relying on Short Words

For hundreds of years in the English language, the most powerful and memorable means of expression has been the reliance on one or two-syllable words. Many eloquent speeches, poetry, and plays have this common strain: three out of four words are one and two syllables.

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Virtual Learning May be Best

I really enjoyed this article from the NeuroLeadership Institute on the benefits of virtual learning: Virtual Learning is Better. Period. Our team of executive communication coaches concur that brief periods of learning over time lead to better results.

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