Kyle likes to talk. However, she knows that when she first approaches a new client, she must be a listener. She helps clients unleash their full potential as she collaborates and learns more about them. Kyle knows she’s done well when a client says they’ve improved not just their professional life, but also their quality of life.

With a background in psychology and intergroup dialogue, Kyle has spent the past eight years examining the impact of body language on communication. Her areas of expertise include leadership coaching, presentation techniques, cultural sensitivities, non-verbal communication, speech vocal techniques, and overcoming the fear of speaking.

Kyle has lived and worked in both India and Israel, exploring non verbal language within different cultures. Her work with individuals and communities in areas of conflict in the Middle East has given her first-hand experience in how to remedy destructive communication.

Kyle became a speech coach when she realized there was an actual job title for the types of work she had invested all her education and professional time developing. She is continually seeking out ways to translate knowledge from one person to another in an effective manner.

Kyle began her career as an artistic director and playwriter. She utilized the performing arts as a means of creative direction, working for various organizations, such as Punchkin Repertory, Liv Creations, Shrewd Productions, and Vortex Repertory Company.

Kyle holds a degree from Hampshire College in the Performance of Identity with a focus in psychology. She is a graduate of SIT World Learning Institute.



PLATFORMS, both technology and digital platforms, utilized as tools for communication


COMPANIES worked with to increase effective communication


COUNTRIES traveled with a focus on non-verbal communication


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