Better Speech Day 1989 Faneuil Hall Boston

  In 1989, The Speech Improvement Company Inc., in partnership with W.I.L.D., and Fanueil Hall (Quincy Market Place)  in Boston hosted Better Speech Day. The winner of the speech competition was Freestyle Rap artist T.I.C.

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Styles and Smiles: Brown’s Victory in Massachusetts

By Monica Murphy, Senior Coaching Partner and Ethan Becker, Senior Coaching Partner As Speech Coaches, we look at how the art of communication persuades a voter. Have you thought about how communication style impacts a voter’s perception? By style we mean: how someone comes across to their listeners. Forget about the healthcare, balance of power in the white house, and messaging for a moment….Let’s look at the communication reasons why some Massachusetts voters eagerly checked

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WBUR – Social Media Meet-up

Announcing the next WBUR Meet-up . WBUR Social Media Meet-Up Thursday February 5, 2009 at 7:00pm WBUR 890 Commonwealth Avenue Boston, Massachusetts 02215 Get Directions

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