Helping Startups Startup at MassChallenge

3 Nov Helping Startups Startup at MassChallenge

One of the reasons Boston is the best place to start a company (take THAT Silicon Valley) is because of organizations like MassChallenge ( who bill themselves as “the most startup-friendly accelerator…no equity and not-for-profit, we are obsessed with helping entrepreneurs across all industries.”

And their stats are impressive: 835 startups accelerated, 6,500 jobs created, $1.1 billion in outside funding raised. Currently across all their locations, they have 326 young companies taking advantage of all they have to offer.

They turned to The Speech Improvement Company to help their entrepreneurs be better communicators. Two of our experienced coaches, Dinneen Grably and Tori Hollingworth
ran two group workshops that were open to all, and Dinneen followed up with a “coach-a-thon” in which she observed, critiqued, and coached 17 of the 26 finalists who planned a “one-minute pitch” for the big annual awards event held November 2nd.

It made big news: “MassChallenge dishes out $1 million to startup winners

And get this, all three of the $100,000 grand prize winners were coached by Dinneen! WOW! We’re proud of Dinneen, we’re proud to be a part of the Boston startup “ecosystem”, and we’re proud to be associated with these really talented entrepreneurs.

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