Visuals in the Virtual World – A Quick Tip 

22 Apr Visuals in the Virtual World – A Quick Tip 

Using visuals during presentations is helpful for listeners to connect with your message.  They are used to emphasize and clarify speaking points.  Has this changed in the virtual world?  The short answer is NO.  Presenters need to be cautious of having their listeners disconnect from them and their message due to visuals.  Whether you are in person or virtual, disconnecting happens. Still, presenters compete for their listeners’ attention with so many more distractions in a virtual world.  Why is the dog barking, who is ringing my door, why is my child texting me are just a few examples of what listeners are thinking now that they are working from home.  

So, as we continue with virtual presenting,  remember to keep your visuals simple.  Avoid having too much text on your slides.  Your listeners will read ahead and will have no reason to keep listening. Once you have shown your visual and highlighted the business point, take it down or move on to your next slide.  Staying on a visual too long makes it easier for a listener to disconnect.   

Visuals are necessary and helpful but don’t give your listeners a reason to disconnect. 

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Kristen Curran-Faller

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