Overcoming 5 Hurdles That Prevent Success

In my experience, there are 5 hurdles that stand to prevent you from being successful. I’ve delved into each below.

  1. Fear

ISSUE: Fear of failure, of not living up to expectations – your own and those of others, the fear of not being good enough, the fear of being ridiculed or singled out in your community, having to go the way alone, the fear of failing, of losing everything, and there are so many more.

Fear is a nagging, physical, nervous sensation that eats you up, doesn’t let you sleep, keeps you up at night or greets you first thing in the morning, inhibiting clear thinking.

SOLUTION: First thing in the morning, jolt your body into action when you wake up: do 10 push-ups coming straight out of bed. Not 5, not 50, just 10. This will set you up for a great day ahead as your body gets all the right triggers to get going.

In your morning routine, take 5 minutes to focus on what you DO want, not what you don’t want as so many do. 

Write it physically down on a piece of paper every single day – and keep that paper with you during the day as a reminder (not on your phone, computer, tablet etc – on a piece of paper in your handwriting). Your mind and body will shift gears from fear to determination.

Do this every single day. For how long? Every.Single.Day. This is your personal GPS keeping you on track. Try it, it works.

  1. Procrastination

ISSUE: We procrastinate when we feel overwhelmed or dislike a task. Usually people tend more towards pleasure than pain. Hence, when you have something to do that is out of your comfort zone, you will find a million excuses and other tasks to complete first.

SOLUTION: Delegate and collaborate if you feel overwhelmed.

If you can’t get started, set priorities and get informed: what needs to get done in which manner. Get the resources, knowledge and support to accomplish it. Ask for help if necessary, find an accountability partner who is on your side supporting your progress.

Be kind to yourself – we are our own worst critic. Be aware of that demeaning little voice in your own head and override it – read point 1.

Break the task down into little steps and then take it step by step – eventually with patience and perseverance you’ll get there, growing through the challenges you master.

Link the tasks you don’t like to do with rewards – if I get this done, I treat myself to … Celebrate your accomplishments.

  1. Lack of Focus and Awareness

ISSUE: You have a million things to do and you are all over the place. Your social media, emails and online tasks are consuming the hours in your day and night. You rush from A to B without barely a moment to breathe. You are constantly high on adrenaline, which is very bad for your health.

SOLUTION: Put systems into place to prioritise: what do you absolutely have to do yourself? Focus on that – anything else: delegate and ask people to report results back to you at a time of your choice. Use time in your favor instead of constantly trying to please everyone around you. Great tip: let people come to you instead of running after them.

Deal with the influx of countless messages and demands by setting up an automated message response. Tell people to contact you over email if it is urgent or important. It will cut out the steady stream of messages on various platforms significantly. You will be surprised how many issues people can actually solve themselves and how quick the daily chatter disappears out of your life. 

Create islands of peace and quiet in your work day – if you take a five minute break, do the three minute breathing exercise: breathe in through your nose counting to three in your mind, breathe out through your mouth counting to four in your mind. Do this continuously for three minutes and time it on your phone! 

The effect is amazing, instantly bringing you back to yourself, recharging and re-energizing you in an instant. 

  1. Lack of Perseverance

ISSUE: Many give up way too early. They believe they can’t take it any longer and hence throw in the towel. Anyone who has done sports on a more intense level or has lived through disasters, knows that we can stretch ourselves much much further than we actually believe or think we can.

SOLUTION: Reframe your mindset! Do the 3 minute breathing exercise: breathe in through your nose counting to three in your mind and breathe out through your mouth counting to four in your mind. Time it and you will find yourself present, focused and calm in the very moment.

Weigh up your options.

Instead of dealing with the entire picture all at once, deal with one mosaic piece at the time. 

Instead of thinking of the entire pile of problems and tasks, break it down to this very moment within the next five minutes to half day and ask yourself: what do I need to do right now? And then do that, fully focusing on just that one task at the time.

  1. Not Taking Care of Yourself

ISSUE: You are working long working hours, eating junk food on the go, are constantly on your phone, pass out in front of the TV or crash into bed in the middle of the night or early morning hours. You barely find time to sleep, go for a walk or be in nature, a chat with your friends and family or something else you truly enjoy doing. 

Running your engine into the ground doesn’t help anyone – not your business, not your job, not your career and most certainly not yourself, your health nor your relationships. Are big time efforts necessary at times? Certainly. But when they become a lifestyle habit, it gets dangerous. They are not sustainable. A body constantly pumped with adrenaline wears out, breaks down and eventually quits.

No one on their deathbed wished if only they had made another million dollars in their life, made some negotiation happen or triumphed over that business rival. Suddenly the numbness and ambitions are gone, and reality hits like lightning.

Regrets come from not spending time with loved ones, having betrayed your true calling and your dreams, not having taken the time to live and apologize or tell and show someone how much you really do care.

SOLUTION: Calculate the average life expectancy minus your age. What are you going to do with the remaining years? What if it is over tomorrow or next week?

Again, ask yourself what is it that you truly want? Think backwards from old age and look at your current self. Ask yourself, is what I am doing right now truly important to me? Am I the person I want to be?

Make a time schedule that includes time with yourself (best ideas come usually when we are relaxed and rested) – and set the records straight in your life. Declutter on all levels.

YOU might have to make changes, let go of things, toxic people and situations, maybe even move to another place or – just smile more often. As simple as that.

Whatever it is that brings the real you back into your life, you know best.

How? Start over at point number 1. Implement and experience massive changes and results.

Sharesz T. Wilkinson, Top Level Executive Communication Coach and Breakthrough Specialist

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