Speaking With Confidence at the JFK Library

16 Apr Speaking With Confidence at the JFK Library

To be a hi-impact leader in today’s financial healthcare industry requires confidence and grit. How do you hold your own in situations where there are clearly power politics? Financial folks are now more involved in giving presentations, speaking at meetings to clinicians, senior management, and colleagues. And it isn’t enough just to report the numbers and finances accurately, it’s equally important to communicate a high level of competence and confidence.

I was a coach on a mission working with this group of 200 female healthcare leaders.  My goal: to give tips tools, and strategies for how to raise your level of self-awareness, have a powerful networking introduction, project confidence beginning with a strong handshake, make sure every point made is easy for your listeners to follow, and show you have valuable insight.
It was great to motivate an audience of 200 women and see them peer-coaching each other, strengthening there self-awareness and confidence, and watching each move to their own next level of communication excellence.
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Monica Murphy

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