Lead With Purpose

People are going to change as a result of this time in our lives.  You may even need to change your business model.

Right now, it’s a new day – Every day.  Change is happening so quickly.  Business and life as we know it has changed since just a week ago.  

In times of what we call the FUD Factor –  Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt, the companies that communicated and demonstrated that they care about their teams and clients build incredible loyalty long after the crisis has passed.  

Hubert Joly, the former CEO of Best Buy, offers insightful guidelines for principles of purposeful, human leadership- such as putting the people first and treating profit as an outcome rather than a goal. In a recent Harvard Business Review Article, A Time to Lead with Purpose and Humanity, he points out that crisis gives leaders the raw and necessary questions to ask themselves. 

One question is a must for every good communicator to ask:  

How will you measure your performance?

To help answer this question at the most fundamental level, it will be helpful to have a scorecard for yourself as a speaker.  Whenever you are communicating with/to your employees and colleagues, use this scorecard to be your own coach/critic.  Create simple categories, for example, verbal organization and body language, speed of speaking, and clarity of speech. Then, video or audiotape yourself.  Play it back with a critical eye/ear. Make some notes as if critiquing someone you didn’t know. It gives immediate feedback and helps to create a keen awareness for future communications.  Your scorecard can be customized for you to focus on the areas of self-improvement that are important to you. It is simple and private.  Of course, if you have a coach, it will help you and your coach to focus and dedicate time more efficiently.  Our clients find this to be a valuable tool for improvement. 

So, as you make your way through these challenging times,  find time to continue self-development and at your own pace.  You and your company will benefit. 

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