Don’t Talk Too Much! 

If you are a person who tends to give others too much information or go down rabbit holes of multiple topics, you will benefit by mastering an awareness of how much content you can deliver in 60 seconds. In addition, organizing your thoughts and practicing the delivery as a Subject Matter Expert will help you engage your listeners and make a memorable impact. 

Most of us have common questions at work.  Take your most frequently asked question and think about the answer that is most relevant to the inquirer.  Often we want to showcase the depth of our knowledge.  Instead, boil your response down to only what you think is essential to the person in front of you; if you can describe the benefit of this information to them specifically, even better. Apply the W.A.I.T. theory: Why am I talking?

Set a timer and practice your answer.  A great way to build credibility is to say first:  ”Bob, I can answer that in less than 60 seconds….”  

Then proceed with the information being sure to keep that commitment!  You will find that you will develop an unconscious competence of what you can communicate in one minute with practice.  More importantly, your listener will agree to give you their undivided attention for 60 seconds if you open with the phrase above.  As you do this consistently by staying within the 60 seconds you promised, your ethos will build, and you will find people seeking your input instead of dodging you in the hallway! 

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