The short answer is yes. In a recent conversation with a VC, they said they would not fund based on the presentation they saw because:

  1. The message was lost
  2. The team didn’t seem on the same page
  3. They didn’t present what the VC wanted to hear
  4. It just wasn’t right

The reality was the people they saw had a great idea, had successful early-stage funding, and had their development well underway. They are a good investment. They are brilliant people, and they can communicate well with their coworkers! The problem is, searching for funding is different. It requires a different skill set. It requires a different style of practice, preparation, and profile for the VC. The most fundamental element that stops people from getting the help that will get them the funding they need is making the mistake of underestimating these realities.

As you search for funding, consider the following:

  1. Have I had success in communicating our company vision and message outside of other technically and scientifically savvy people?
  2. Do I honestly know if I have?
  3. What consideration do I put to positioning my message concerning what a VC is looking for in an investment?
  4. Do I know what a VC is looking for in an investment?
  5. Are all the members of my team on the same page?
  6. Can I get them on the same page?


If all of your answers to these questions are positive, great, if not, find someone who can help you achieve your goal. There is no reason your great idea and business should not receive the funding it needs to be successful.

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How Not to Digest the Political Sandwich of  Balderdash – Doublespeak – Bullxxxx

Technically speaking, each of these three things is slightly different. Practically speaking, they are all the same in the attempt to confuse, distract, and deceive the reader, listener, buyer, and voter. We all know that each of these verbal tactics is normal behavior for most politicians and slick salespeople. They are prevalent at this time of year—election season. During this political season, when you are facing several important decisions on issues ranging from birth and

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Ponderous Prepositions and Prefixes

Nothing is more symptomatic of our declining language skills than the increased misuse of prepositions and prefixes. People today feel compelled to tinker with proper word usage in speech by adding those handy prepositions and prefixes. Take traffic reports, for instance. Traffic on Route 1 is “easing up,” “easing down,” “easing off,” or “easing out,” but never just “easing.” What is “easing up” traffic?  Is that when cars levitate? Levitating cars certainly would ease traffic.

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Motivating Others

In this 30-minute recorded webinar, you will learn the difference between inspiration and motivation. We will introduce the unique Motivation Matrix and use it to identify the six elements needed to motivate anyone. Spread the love

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