Communication Style

30 Sep Communication Style

What impression do other people have of you?  Have you ever focused on what and how you communicate with others? If asked to use two words to describe you, what would they say?  For that matter, what would you say? Centuries ago, Sir Walter Raleigh wrote that communication needs to be “chameleon-like.” He was not talking about being something different with each person you meet.  He was urging leaders of the time to be aware of their communication style.

“Good communication style is the greatest of revealers – it lays bare the soul,” he wrote in his book, “Style.”  It is wholly appropriate, even obligatory, for leaders to choose their own two words to be perceived by others in the real world.

You live and work in the real world. It is not theater. Your listeners, unlike the audience in the theater, do not suspend reality. They take what you give them as you. What and how you communicate is what others use to assess and describe you. What and how you communicate reveals much of who you are in real life. The ability to be natural, be who you are, and not be phony is most people’s goal, especially in leadership and management positions. Those positions carry enough responsibility in their own ways. It is far too challenging to also be worried about being something that you have to fake or that is not comfortable for you it can be downright destructive.

I urge anyone reading these words to select two communication style words that you would use to create the impression you desire in the minds of others. Then, do your best to understand and practice those communication techniques needed to ensure your desired style.

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Dennis Becker

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