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3 Ways to Handle Questions Confidently 

Questions are an essential part of meetings. When questions are asked, there is interest; that’s a good thing.  Questions can be a test not only for your knowledge of the content but your confidence in what you are representing.   The 3 techniques below will help you prepare for inevitable questions.   1) Restate– In restating the question you are NOT adding any new information or changing the meaning.  This is really important.  Changing the meaning does not always mean words,

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The Best Biotech Presentations Possess These Two Speaking Skills 

  Think about your upcoming biotech investor presentation. Chances are you have pored over the slide deck but spent little time thinking about how you will share the content. Few issues are more important to preclinical–stage biotech companies than maintaining a continuous flow of capital.    If you plan to advance the development of your product with capital, you need to attract and maintain investor interest, which involves continuously pitching venture capitalists and investors. The best biotech presentations possess this combination of speaking skills:   Integrate a

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Five Ways to be Persuasive in Biotech

One of the most important presentations is the presentation to secure funding.  It can be challenging to be persuasive with intense competition for the same resources. Follow these steps to more successfully navigate those conversations.

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