Approachability: Tom Brady Style

28 Jan Approachability: Tom Brady Style

Tom Brady

How often do you think about how you’re perceived as a communicator? What’s the impression you want people to have of you after they hear you speak? The ability to control the impression you make on others is a crucial tool to have in today’s fast-paced world. 

One client with whom I’m working just moved into the President & CEO role. My job as his speech coach begins with the question, “What two words would you like others to use to describe you after they hear you speak in a business situation?”

One of his chosen words is “approachable.” And he illustrated what it means to be approachable in a very interesting way.

I like finding relevant examples of good communication and sharing them with clients. Sometimes, as in the example here, they share them with me. These examples help us examine how something simple may resonate in our everyday lives and impact those around us. As a leader, a winning goal includes building trust and rapport. He shared this article about Tom Brady. 

Tom Brady Says the Same Four Words to Every New Player on the New England Patriots, and It’s Pure Genius

Spoiler alert. In case you want the answer here and now…Brady is quoted as saying “Hi, I’m Tom Brady.” Imagine how that simple statement creates approachability.

I contributed to a recently published book on communication style, Personal Communication Style. In it, we describe the idea of an approachable person – one who gives the impression of someone who would be kind, respectful, and receptive when another person comes up to them. It’s someone who does not appear standoffish or aloof, but friendly, open, and safe. Imagine how important that would be if you are a world-famous quarterback. 

Look into your personal communication playbook, how do you communicate approachability? Remember everything communicates.

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