3 Ways Storytelling Can be Effective in Business 

24 Apr 3 Ways Storytelling Can be Effective in Business 

Storytelling is an advanced communication tool that can build rapport, increase retention and powerfully persuade.  Capturing, structuring and delivering relevant stories is an invaluable skill in business. 

1.)  Building Rapport – Experiences are unique; however, emotions are universal.  Telling a short, interesting, personal story allows the listener to tap into the same emotion as the teller, creating a bonding moment. 

2.) Increase Retention – How often have you been in a networking situation and found it difficult to remember someone’s name and business 30 seconds after she or he said it? If you want to be remembered: Try telling a short story about your business, tapping into specifically how what you do benefits humanity. 

3.)  Persuade –  Storytelling answers the question “Why?”  Telling a relatable and relevant story that answers what will happen if I do do or don’t do something can be very persuasive. The listener can imagine him/herself in real time and feel the consequences of the choice at hand when the story is told well. 

There are countless ways to use storytelling as a communication tool in business. Relationship building, making information stick and being able to convince others are three of the most common ways to use this skill. 

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