Each organization has it’s own needs as they relate to communication.  From helping the most senior leadership learn how to communicate with board members, each other or direct reports, to helping managers, employees in all areas of the company learn how to communicate with each other.
Our coaches have worked with thousands of organizations around the world and are familiar with learning strategies that work and don’t work in various industries.
Designing a customized training experience means looking at the personalities of those who will be trained or coached and then using an approach to maximize the chance that those participants will be able to receive the message and implement lessons learned.
Sometimes, large groups, such of 500 need to be trained.  In these cases, our coaching team comes together to ensure the each coach on the project has a deep understanding of the psychology and nuances of each group to maximize learning.  This is one reason we are so careful to work with coaches who have studied at the graduate level or beyond.  We’ve found that just having professional or acting experience is often not adequate to deal with the variety of personalities that you may have in your organization.  From strong egos to shy participants, the coach needs to find the balance to maximize the learning.
If you are interested in bringing TSIC to your organization, call us for a free consultation where you can share your interest and hear how we would approach your specific learning needs.
Some examples of workshops we’ve done at the corporate level are
  • group training in small or large group sizes
  • follow up private coaching
  • keynote and motivational speaking at company conferences
  • individual coaching programs Some common topics equested are
  • Leadership and Management Communication
  • Sales communication
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Building Relationships
  • Delivering feedback
  • Motivating others
  • Persuasion


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