Speech Companion is the official app of The Speech Improvement Company, Inc., founded in 1964. Our executive communication coaches help leaders of countries, heads of companies, business professionals, celebrities, and people of all walks of life to be more comfortable and effective when they talk.

For Apple IOS only at this time.  Click to view and download from the App store
This is our first public app! We created it as a simple study guide for our clients and those who read our books to keep a few tools handy! Not a client? That’s OK, you will likely understand a lot in the app but may want to contact a coach to ask questions.
The app is intended to complement learning, not replace it.
Whether you’ve read one of our books or have had the pleasure to work with one of our coaches, we’ve included in the app a few common, but incredibly useful, tools you have likely studied with us:
• The 4 step outline
• Controlling nervousness
• Patterns of reasoning
• Persuasion
• The motivation matrix
• Speaking clearly
• Guidelines for providing feedback
• Stopwatch with marking abilities
• Video recorder
• Links to recommended readings
• Podcast
• History of coaching
• Watch app companion


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