Corporations like yours invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in sponsoring  major conferences.  Whether the conference is intended as social, educational, motivational, or more,  they are expensive to put on.   The expense and ultimate experience can be highly impactful  or a waste of time and money.  That is why so many corporations utilize our experienced  conference coaching specialists to work with  speakers to ensure their effectiveness.
After all the preparation and production and staging are done, it’s the speakers who carry the messages and motivation.   The truth is that the slides, videos, lighting and ‘staging’ are all support tools for the most valuable asset of the conference, the speakers.  Our coaches are seasoned, professional speaker coaches.  We have years of experience working with speakers and production teams for powerful  event presentations.   Our coaching helps supply the energy and enthusiasm that carry the theme and message to the attendees.


The ability to speak in a clear, comfortable and confident manner is a critical skill for anyone speaking at a conference.  Standing in front of hundreds or thousands of people can be an overwhelming experience. Our coaches will be there for your speakers to help them  speak with confidence and ensure that they connect with listeners in an authentic way. The picture above , itself, can be intimidating to some speakers.  Stepping out on that stage is not a normal experience for most speakers.  Even if a speaker is comfortable in that setting, refining the actual content and being sure it blends with the overall theme of the event  is critical to achieving the intended result of the presentation.   Our experienced conference coaching specialists will help every speaker look and sound competent and confident.

“For over twenty years The Speech Improvement Company has coached Forrester to deliver engaging, authoritative, and inspired messages to our clients. In our business excellent communication is job one — The Speech Improvement Company’s expertise has ensured that we accomplish that mission.” 
George F. Colony, CEO, Forrester Research


Participants are invited to bring their own concerns to coaching.  In addition, topics may include:
Refining Messaging and Scripts
Story Telling
Creating High Impact & Interactive Moments
Enhancing Oral & Nonverbal Delivery
Developing Stage Presence & Confidence
Helping Speakers Prepare Visual Aids
Coaching Speakers on Delivery
Working with a TelePrompter
Motivational Speaking
Controlling Nervousness
Authentic Speaking
Staying on Theme
Staying on Time
Connecting with Listeners
Coordinating with other Production Professionals
Group and Individual Speaker Training and Coaching


We work with you from the first brainstorming session to the final moment when the speakers present live.  We will also debrief and coach speakers after the event to help with their development.  With The Speech Improvement Company, you’ll  have access to a team of conference coaching specialists.   We coach conferences of all sizes from one speaker to the entire presenting team.   We can work solo or in concert with your production company to ensure continuity with the event.  Speakers may be trained in private, in groups, or a combination of both.
Just like a sports coach will work with an athlete during training and at the big game, a speech coach will work with your speakers to ensure they are comfortable, confident, and that their message is clear and impactful.
The Speech Improvement Company Coaches have taught us not only how to best present our research, but also, how to tell the story behind the research.  As a result, our analysts now connect with the audience better and demonstrate their capabilities in the best way possible.
Crawford Del Prete, executive vice president, WW Business Units and chief research officer at IDC


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