Who better to lead the way for remote communication coaching and training than The Speech Improvement Company, the world’s oldest and most established communication coaching and training firm?

The ability to speak in a clear, comfortable, confident manner is a critical skill for all professionals. Managing remotely, virtual presentations, video collaboration, and remote communication are all advanced skills that most executives have not spent time cultivating due to their busy schedules. We offer all our high-quality coaching services remotely, and we’ll teach you how to communicate in a remote environment, from proper framing and lighting and sound, to organizing content and strengthening presentations skills for use with remote listeners.

While we’ve been conducting remote coaching since the 1990s, in the past year the COVID-19 crisis has forced many organizations to operate 100% remotely. We expect that many employees will permanently work from home, even after the workforce has returned to the office. That’s why the communication skills we teach are more critical than ever before.

Is Remote Group Training Effective?

Yes. We would not offer our training virtually if it weren’t both useful and productive. The reason you may be wondering about efficacy is from experience with typical group-online training. Many companies are merely doing their regular work but using software like GoToMeeting or Zoom, and relying on the technology alone or lengthy slide decks to run their training. Participants lose interest in boring PowerPoint decks and lecture-style training, and they end up multitasking with email or becoming disengaged, ultimately resulting in a failed training program.

Our approach is different. Our global coaching staff has been using remote technology for decades. We’ve developed new facilitator techniques and methods for maximum engagement, participation, live feedback, small group practice, and large group debriefs. This high-touch remote training approach allows us to teach, train, coach, and practice our content to ensure long term behavior change and retention.

Which Remote Technology Do We Use?

Because our coaches are skilled in the use of nearly every popular platform (including GoToMeeting, Teams, Slack, and Zoom), we can accommodate most client requests. We’ve found the best success is with video solutions that allow us to replicate an in-person interactive training program such as Zoom and GoToMeeting. The flexibility in these programs allow us to deliver with-impact communication-related skill training. If you’d like to know if the software your company uses will work, just ask. In addition, we can also host the technology so that all your people need do is show up! We are happy to offer this hosting service for both workshops and individual coaching.

Can I Try Before I Buy?

Yes, of course. In our 56 years of business, we’ve learned it’s crucial that our clients feel valued and that both the content and the coach is a match for them. Therefore, you may schedule a no-charge 30-minute coaching session. This short exploratory session will allow you to meet with an experienced coach, discuss your communication challenges, and receive a customized coaching and training proposal that meets your needs, budget, and the desired training outcomes.
Our remote coaching and training programs can be adapted to suit your participants’ availability. Popular options include 90 minutes once a week, a single three-hour session, or a year-long development program that’s responsive to a team or individual.