Remote Sales Communication Coaching

It's like having a coach in your home just before your call


With the world now working from home and using remote technology to meet with customers and clients, you can take advantage of spending time with your coach just minutes before your customer call.

Our world class speech coaches are formally trained in all areas of speech communication, and that includes selling.  Our team has studied various selling methodologies and has been certified to coach clients with communication skills that will apply in all selling situations.
For example:
Handling objections
Controlling nervousness
Being persuasive
Presenting skills 
Telling stories
Closing techniques

In the past, your best bet was to attend training and then study your notes to remember how to remain at the top of your game.  Now, with the distractions of the house, family, roommates, it’s easy to have a coach scheduled to talk with you, test your camera and mic, give you feedback about lighting and framing, practice and get you warmed up and ready to go to the prospect.
In addition:
Another advantage to our new virtual world, is that having a coach guest speak at your weekly meeting is a breeze and affordable.  We’ll speak with your team representative in advance to learn about the concerns your team is facing, then provide an interactive teaching and in some cases practice session for your group.


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