Take it from us


Do you have a presentation coming up?  Want to know where to start?  Use the PPI.  The PPI consists of 10 questions to ask prior to the business presentation process.  These 10 questions relate to listener analysis, and therefore your needs:
    1. Why am I speaking to these listeners?
    2. Why are they listening?
    3. What relationship do we have?
    4. What relationship do listener members have to each other?
    5. What do they know about this topic?
    6. What would they like to know?
    7. How will they use this information?
    8. What are they doing the day before I speak?
    9. What will they be doing the day after?
    10. What are the logistics of the event:time, location, room description, temperature, seating, lighting, and sound?
The information you gather from these 10 questions will make the job of preparing a speech much easier.  In addition, your listeners will be more likely to respond positively if they feel that your research has helped you prepare specifically for them.