Law Firm Professional Development

Law firms invest in communication because whether in a court room or board room, your conversations must count.  It is the backbone of winning and continuing to expand your client base.  As the oldest Communication consulting firm in the United States we have built an extensive list of firms we have worked with domestically and internationally to help them achieve their goals.  We offer online 50 minute group training for Law Associations on topics such as:
Executive Presence
Connecting with Listeners virtually
Thinking on your Feet
Web based best practices
These sessions include one of the above topics and time for Q & A.
We know that these introductory sessions are helpful but further training is necessary.  We work with law firms to deepen these skills by grounding them in topics such as:
  • Patterns of Reasoning
  • Depositions
  • In court Q & A Strategy
  • Expert Witness Preparation 
  • And many more
We know law professionals have schedules that are highly scheduled and also that when a problem needs to be solved it needs to be solved now.  We work similarly offering sessions on demand utilizing Calendly as a tool to schedule our time for your needs in:
  • 30-minute strategy session
  • 1 hour development and implementation session
  • Half day group prep session
These sessions have been successful in effectively addressing the specific need when and where it needs to be addressed.”