As a speech coach and consultant with The Speech Improvement Company, Mr. Matson has a unique expertise in accent reduction and “Americanizing” speech patterns. He’s also well versed in presentation skills development and speech-anxiety reduction. He has a specialty client base of radio-TV broadcasters, as well as political candidates. Mr. Matson’s style is characterized by an upbeat, thought-provoking approach laced with humor.

Mr. Matson has over thirty years of speech coaching experience. His areas of expertise include business/sales presentations, job interviewing techniques, broadcast performance skills, interpersonal speech development, accent reduction, fear of speaking and telemarketing.

Mr. Matson’s clients range from CEOs to trainees, from professionals to students, from the articulate to the disfluent. A significant portion of his coaching involves accent reduction. He’s helped countless individuals from many countries reduce their accent and “Americanize” their speech. Other major areas of Mr. Matson’s coaching expertise involve presentation skills development and speech-anxiety reduction. He also has a specialty client base of radio-TV broadcasters.

Mr. Matson has provided consulting and training for corporations, as well as political candidates. He has spoken at the annual convention of New Hampshire Town Managers, and meetings of the American Bar Association, Society of Quality Control Engineers, Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, Rotary and Lions Clubs, and many other organizations. His speaking engagements at conventions and meetings have been characterized by an upbeat, thought-provoking style laced with humor.

Mr. Matson has several years of experience in broadcasting, recruiting, and sales management. He has written a study on communication in television advertising, entitled The Brand Image in Television Advertising.

Mr. Matson completed his undergraduate degree in English at Boston University, and received his graduate degree in Mass Communication from Emerson College.



YEARS of experience as a speech coach


YEARS teaching Professional Presentation at Boston University, College of Communication


DEGREES - MA in Mass Communication from Emerson College and BA in American Literature from Boston University


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