Executive English: Mastering Speech and Communication for International Leaders

Group training & executive coaching to enhance speech clarity for non-native English speakers

Program Directors

Our individualized, evidence-based speech training program will help you speak clearly and with confidence.

“Thank you again for a fantastic workshop – It was one of the best things I have ever done in my professional career and it will be something that will help me in everyday life as well.”

Speech clarity and leadership communication effectiveness is highly correlated with business results and career success.

Our Speech and Communications Skills for International Leaders program combines group training and individual, private coaching that will enhance speech clarity, confidence, and effectiveness in American English.

All program components include practice and application to participants’ real-world business situations. Expert assessment and review, peer feedback, video, and self-coaching are an integral part of the group training. Customized goals and individualized feedback are a valuable benefit of the one-on-one coaching.

“Thank you for the excellent workshop that you presented for my department. Your professional approach as well as enthusiastic and entertaining delivery far exceeded our expectations.”

Topics Include

Dimensions of Executive Presence
Influencing and Persuasive Techniques
Enhancing Speech Clarity
Mastering American English Rhythm and Stress
Refining English Speech Sounds
Advanced Conversational Skills
Fine-Tuning Grammar and Sentence Structure
Incorporating American English Idioms and Humor
Leading and Facilitating Meetings
Adapting for Different Listeners and Situations
Preparation for Key Upcoming Business Situations
Ongoing Audio and Video Feedback

“Your efforts were instrumental in helping us to focus our presentation and our audience on the “themes” which we believe made us the best team for the job. As during our previous seminars, I was impressed by your command of language, nuance, and presentation psychology.”

Program Formats

Group Training
Ten, 90-minute group training sessions, conducted via Zoom, to provide a foundational training for executive presence and speech clarity.

Individual Executive Communication Coaching
Ten one-hour, customized, private sessions provide a unique, personal space for development. Participants may bring real world presentations, conversations, or situations to each session.

Executive English programs are customized to meet your needs and schedule. We recommend a combination of group and individual sessions for best results.

We look forward to enriching your Executive English toolkit