“I am honored to have a TSIC coach present to my business students.  When the Speech Improvement company presents, it is always one of my top-rated classes of the semester.”

Peter Nunziata, Adjunct Professor at Boston College Carroll School of Management



Feedback from Fujifilm Medical All Hands Meeting:

“Dr. Becker’s presentation was the best, period.  I would HIGHLY recommend him for other parts of FMSU.”

What suggestions do you have to improve the conference?

“More of the communication speaker. He was great. Could have been a longer time.”

Participants at FujiFilm All-Hands Meeting




“Our coach forced us to get our of the microcosm that we live in every day and focus on why what are talking about matters to listeners.  It was eye opening”

Jonathan Montagu CEO HotSpot Therapeutics



“I Just returned from an event in the United States where we spent the entire day listening to the best Keynote speakers in the world. But, your speech blew them all away! It was more relevant and inspiring!  This was amazing!”

Participant Kronos EMEA kick off in London



“The Speech Improvement Company’s coaches have taught us not only how to best present our research, but also, how to tell the story behind the research. As a result, our analysts now connect with the audience better and demonstrate their capabilities in the best way possible.”

Crawford Del Prete, executive vice president, WW Business Units and chief research officer at IDC   




“Bain Capital and the Boston Celtics have partnered with The Speech Improvement Company for years to help our organization’s leaders prepare for major presentations and media interviews.”

Steve Pagliuca, managing director of Bain Capital and managing general partner of the Boston Celtics




“I owe a great deal of my success to The Speech Improvement Company. Working with them changed my life and I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t met them.”

Jon Platt, President, North America at Warner/Chappell Music (WCM)




“Monica gets our company and our culture. She understands the players, and the role of different people. She was able to effectively navigate and modify her coaching to the personal styles of many different people within our organization.”

Kathleen Rockey, – Sankaty Advisors


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