Meeting Skills

Organizations run on meetings.  Whether face to face or online, meetings are where people come together to connect and communicate with each other.  Done well, and ideas can flow.  Updates are simple and clear.  Done poorly and people become bored, disconnected, and disgruntled.  Are you aware of the communication that you do that helps or hurts during a meeting?  Whether you are the facilitator or a participant, this topic will teach you why meetings work or don’t work, and the specific communication skills, tools, and techniques that will give you the best chance of a meeting success.

Are you presenting at a meeting?  Contact us to ask how the maximize your time!

Nobody likes a meeting that is boring or wastes time.  This topic teaches the facilitation skills and techniques managers need to run efficient and productive meetings.

Our team has spent decades understanding which communication tools and skills a manager must possess to facilitate effective meetings.  Combined with modern day research and meeting trends, you will learn best practices in running meetings.

Our proprietary virtual reality meeting room will help you feel comfortable and confident as you learn to give eye contact to participants when you present.


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