• Fear of Speaking

by: Dr. Dennis Becker
Dr. Becker has been instructing at Harvard University since 1985.  
He is co-founder of The Speech Improvement Company Inc, a World Class communication coaching and training firm.  


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Are you sometimes afraid to speak to your boss?  In a group?  To a friend or family member?  Learn why, where it comes from, and most importantly, what to do about it.
Our tools and techniques have been implented all over the world, from the United States to Malaysia!
Out of all the thousands of websites claiming to help you, this Audio Book is the original and most helpful approach there is to date!  You will learn the same techniques taught to royalty and leaders of Countries when they face the fear of public speaking!
Learn to overcome the fear of public speaking from the Founder of the Speech Coaching industry himself!
Do you experience Speaking Anxiety?  Your not alone.  Oh no.  Being a nervous speaker, is quite common.  The good news, is that you can learn to overcome the fear of public speaking or at the very least learn how to control it.
The fear of speaking before a group is always ranked in the top three fears of all people.  People become scared when it is time to speak in public.  Our research has found that age, social standing, education, or wealth do not make a difference.  Fear of speaking has no boundaries.  For some it is severe.  For some it is mild.  For all  it is a bothersome, and unnecessary fear.  In this  book we will explain:
We have heard the stories, of speakers who freeze up on stage, shake, sweat, get sick to their stomach, pass out, and more!  Learning to overcome stage fright, rarely works for business professionals and politicians, because they are not actors.  So, it's critical to use real pscycologicaly based techniques that have helped hundreds of thousands around the world for decades!
          -   what causes it
          -   why these things cause it
          -   how to control it
In this book we take years of research and practice and put that knowledge into easy to read, sometimes, even humorous ,  shirt sleeve English.  You will find discussion, descriptions, case studies, explanations and exercises that will help you gain control over this fear.
Dr. Dennis Becker is the Co-Founder of The Speech Improvement Company Inc., Established in 1964.  He and the team of coaches at TSIC have helped over 1 millino people over the past 50 years.

Fear of Speaking

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