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Jill Diamond is a seasoned communication coach with over 25 years in the business. Her executive experience and keen interest in people allow her to help professionals communicate with precision, passion and impact.


Jill specializes in Accent Modification. She helps professionals gain support and drive key initiatives by simply improving the quality of their voice. Accordingly, her voicework focuses on the development of vocal presence and how staying rhythmic and melodic keeps listeners tuned in.


Competing in the English-speaking marketplace can be challenging for non-native English speakers. And for many, communicating effectively means minimizing misunderstandings due to one’s accent. Jill has helped CFOs, bankers, physicians and educators speak with confidence.

Whether it is a board presentation, a Town Hall event, or a dialogue between two leaders, Jill is a skilled advisor on creating and conveying meaningful messages. Her clients include numerous Fortune 100 companies in diverse industries from Financial Services to the Fashion Industry to Medical professionals. Her work touches individuals working as psychologists, entrepreneurs, designers and more. Jill’s creative and practical approach guarantees that even the most technical specialists can extend messages that resonate.


Jill is widely known as an Accent Training Expert giving voice to international professionals. In her successful accent modification coaching, Jill stimulates thinking about the ways to facilitate communication between native and non-native English speakers and explores how non-native English speakers superimpose their native language rhythm and intonation patterns onto English. Jill’s proven methods have helped thousands of individuals from outside the United States thrive in English-speaking organizations. She knows that mastering a second language is one thing and that being able to communicate effectively in the language of business is another.


Stemming from her childhood passion for the arts, Jill spreads enthusiasm about the value of effective communication in her public speaking. She has lectured and presented in Brazil where she lives part-time. She provides consultative coaching to professionals throughout Europe, the United States, India and South America.

For English-speaking companies, hospitals and universities, fluency is expected. However, just because an individual is technically proficient in English, it doesn’t mean they are easily understood. Jill helps by improving the quality of their voice in three important areas, Dynamics through volume, projection and melody; Speed of speech with rhythm, pausing, and thought chunking; and Control with breathing, diction, and intention.


“Invaluable coach”, “a delightful journey”, and “a life changing experience” are just some of the accolades Jill has received from satisfied clients. Her experience has been largely with non-native English-speaking professionals who need to manage international teams, know how important it is for all team members to be heard, need to create and convey meaningful messages in English, and want to speak English with confidence.


“There are gaps of understanding between speakers of different languages that keep us from building real global citizenship. Tools exist for clearer and more effective communication and with just a little attention, you can be a leader in this space.”
– Jill Diamond

Jill received a B.A. and her Master of Education from Lesley University where she focused on integrating the arts into education through Lesley’s Creative Arts in Learning program. With courses like Storytelling, Arts & Society, and Leadership Development Thru Drama, Jill acquired a unique eye for adult education. She went on to use her Lesley degree to develop arts-based curriculums in the areas of language, accent reduction and communication skills. Her exposure to other talented artists and educators in the Creative Arts Program created long-lasting relationships that continue to feed her development as a professional.