Who is Dinneen Grably?

Welcoming | Trustworthy | Passionate

With 20 years of corporate experience in the field of communications, Dinneen knows what her clients need. She’s been behind the podium, in the audience, and coached coworkers, bosses, and leaders during her years spent in the professional business world. Add in her 5 years living and working in France, and she has developed an international viewpoint on public speaking and communications. Her real-world business experiences have made her an expert in management and leadership communication, as well as business presentations.

Dinneen’s background and experience in the corporate world have given her a unique perspective into what her clients’ need. Working for large corporations, she has become a specialist in management and leadership communication. She’s been in their shoes, managing as many as 25 to 50 employees in various management positions. She can truly understand what it takes to help them achieve their goals. Dinneen has been a spokesperson, and understands the challenge of getting a clear and concise message across.  She’s also an expert in sales and marketing, building relationships, and developing speeches for conferences and presentations.


In addition, living and working in different cultures both in the US and abroad, allows her to understand communication from both a Western and international viewpoint. Dinneen has coached and trained CEOs and executives in cross-cultural communication and understands the challenges and opportunities that come from working with international teams and clients.


Dinneen believes that being a better communicator is a strategic tool for professionals to incorporate into their business lives. Everything is communication. Honing and developing a client’s communication skills can help them be recognized as a leader, which can contribute to better work performance and even promotions.


Dinneen became a speech coach for two reasons. First, she loves helping people. Second, she loves public speaking. She enjoys working with a variety clients – from mid-level executives and CEOs in large corporations to an entrepreneur growing a business.


Throughout her career, colleagues, friends, and bosses have often asked her to help them with their public speaking skills. After many years of being told she should make it her career, she finally did! And she’s truly happy to be a part of the TSIC family.


Dinneen also enjoys giving back the community.  She is an animal advocate and has held a volunteer leadership role for the Humane Society of the United States.  In addition, she is an active volunteer for Gifford Cat Shelter, the oldest cageless no-kill animal shelter in the United States.

Dinneen has trained and coached many US and international business professionals, CEOs, and executives from Fortune 500 companies, including Hewlett Packard, Biogen, and Raytheon. She’s comfortable coaching in a large executive boardroom or sitting across from clients in the comfort of the Speech Improvement office.


She began her career as Press Assistant and later Assistant Director of Communications for the Massachusetts Secretary of State. She was awarded Press Person of the Year by the State House Press Association.


Dinneen also worked as Business Development manager for the Quebec Government Office in Boston, collaborating with Quebec businesses to develop strategic solutions that increase visibility in the US Northeast markets.


She has been a visiting lecturer at Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts, teaching management and marketing courses. Dinneen also taught at the Grenoble School of Management and the University of Stendhal, both in Grenoble, France.


In addition to Dinneen’s real-world corporate and business experience, both nationally and internationally, she obtained her undergraduate degree in Business Management from Bridgewater State University. Dinneen also received her MBA from the Grenoble School of Business, a top-ranked business school in Europe.

Fast Facts


YEARS of experience in the field of communications


DEGREES in Business – an MBA from Grenoble School of Business and undergraduate degree in Business Management from Bridgewater State University


LANGUAGES: English as first language and speaks fluent French