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Skype Coaching

Skype Coaching
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When face-to-face coaching is not possible, video conferencing is the next best medium for coaching communication skills.  Skype, allows us to make this possible in an affordable mannor!    The Speech Improvement Company Inc., is proud to offer Skype Video Coaching.  Work with coaches from the oldest speech-coaching firm in the United States without having to leave your office or home!  This is especially helpful to our clients overseas, as costs may prohibit their travel to the United States.  

Normally, we do not offer hourly coaching time blocks when we travel outside of Massachusetts, so primarily, our work is designed for full day or week long programs.  If you do not live in the Boston Area, but would like to work with a coach by the hour, then you are in luck!  Using Skype Video Coaching, you may schedule sesions with your coach.   

Not in our time zone?

Don't worry, we'll do our best to accomodate time changes.  We've worked with clients via Malaysia, whcih is a 12 hour time change!  


Topics for Skype Coaching:

Topics are the same as face to face coaching!  There are so many topics that our coaches are expert in. Below are just some of the topics that you can choose from when you work with a coach using Skype Video Coaching.  Our coaches are formally educated at the graduate level or beyond in a speech or speech communication related area, so you may feel comfortable that the coaching you will receive comes from decades of experience, years of study, and from collectively helping over half a million people around the world.  

 Through Skype Video Coaching, you can learn to

• Control nervousness

• Deliver effective and engaging presentations

• Practice presentations and conversations with a coac

• Learn best practices in management and leadership communication

• Learn how to handle dificutl conversations

• Learn how to motivate others through communication

• Being persuade

• Diffuese defensiveness

• Reduce your accent


How it works:

Simply download the free Skype software from Once your computer is configured, you may connect to our coaches via Skype for your coaching session. (To configure your computer to use Skype Video, please follow the directions on the Skype webpage. Macintosh users may also use iChat.

Purchase the number of hours you'd like and select a coach.  If you do not know our coaches, our office will be helpful in suggesting an appropriate coach to fit your needs.  Once we receive your request for Skype coaching, our office will contact you to schedule.


How much does it cost?


Sessions for Skype Video Coaching are  $400 per hour.   Once you purchase online, you may contact our office to schedule the session.  Or, simply call the office and make the purchace and schedule over the phone.  617-739-3330


Would you like to speak with a coach first?


Of course!  We understand that this is a big investment for you, and that you may wish to speak with a coach before committing to spending money.  Our coaches have choosen this profession for the love of helping pepole strengthen their communication skills, and therefore are happy to speak with you before you begin coaching.  Simply call the office at +1-617-739-3330 and ask to speak with a coach to learn more about speech coaching, and to make sure that your topics may be covered.  


Is this a gift?  


It's OK, people gift coachign sessions all the time.  you simply pay here, or call the office an pay +1-617-739-3330  and let us know that this is a gift certificate.

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