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16 Jan MLK Day: King’s Speech

"Let us turn our thoughts today to Martin Luther King" --James Taylor, "Shed A Little Light"
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would have turned 88 this weekend. A pivotal figure in American history, he is revered as an exceptional public speaker whose ideas and language helped effect real change in the world. King was human and imperfect. He shot pool and was a fan of Star Trek. Concerns raised about plagiarism and his private life may have merit. He faced criticism from fellow activists and many others. I mention this to underscore that the power of words that he harnessed is not reserved just for perfect, mythical figures, but available to all of us mortals with hopes and fears. As a child in school I was conscious of MLK for a few reasons. His work in the struggle for civil rights was a point of emphasis in the curriculum. And, our adjacent mid-January birthdays meant I often enjoyed a long birthday weekend. Only later did I learn of King’s connections to Boston, or begin to grasp his significance as a communicator.
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18 Feb Why do they say “Look”?

Have you noticed how many times a political candidate or commentator will say the word “look”?  Why do they say that? Well, let’s zoom the picture back a little and think about this.  Linguists and psychologists have introduced us what they refer to as  the ‘representational systems’.  They tell us that people are prone to express their feelings, attitudes, opinions and more through the use of one of three ‘representational systems’.  
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08 Feb What is Speech Coaching all about?

Ethan F. Becker and Laurie Schloff discuss the what it is like to be a speech coach and provide guidance for those looking to join the career. [embed][/embed]...

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08 Feb Talking about Politics at Work

Ethan F. Becker and Laurie Schloff discuss the issue of talking about politics at work.  What are the considerations surrounding the issue?  Why does it matter?  What should you do about it? [embed][/embed]...

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